Magnitude Quake Rocks Canadian-Alaska Border

Magnitude Quake Rocks Canadian-Alaska Border The new tremor was registered at 14:18 GMT 84 kilometers (over 52 miles) northwest of U.S. city of Skagway. No injuries or serious damage have been reported so far. On March 27, 1964 Alaska was natural disaster hit by the 9.2-magnitude quake, which one of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded. "We won't know until probably for the next week or two", she said. [Full Article...]

Ex-Girlfriend of Facebook Murder Suspect Meets with Victim's Family

The order came through the McDonald's drive-thru window in Harborcreek Township, Pennsylvania, around 11 a.m. on Tuesday: Chicken McNuggets and a side of fries. After the fatal shooting of the self-taught mechanic and grandfather of 14, authorities nationwide scrambled for two days to find Stephens. A multistate manhunt for the suspect in a random killing that Cleveland police say he recorded an... [Full Article...]

Congress to fund government through September

The bill would add billions for the Pentagon and border security but would not provide any money for President Donald Trump's promised border wall with Mexico, official aides told CNN on Sunday night. He said the measure would increase investment in medical research, education, and infrastructure. Trump made building the wall one of the primary pledges of his presidential campaign, insisting... [Full Article...]

Manchester City held to a 2-2 draw by Middlesbrough

Manchester City held to a 2-2 draw by Middlesbrough Despite Wednesday's win over Sunderland, Boro begin the weekend still six points adrift of 17th-placed Hull in the Premier League and with only four fixtures remaining, three of which come against teams in the top four, any successful survival bid would rank alongside the most miraculous seen in the division's history. [Full Article...]

West Bank clashes: Dozens of Palestinians injured

West Bank clashes: Dozens of Palestinians injured The Fatah movement calls for Palestinians to "clash with the occupier" in mass West Bank rallies to support over 1,600 prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails. A day of clashes was called for by Fatah, the political party of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, and the national committee to support the prisoners' hunger strike, Aljazeera reported. [Full Article...]

Kevin O'Leary Drops Out of Leadership Race

Kevin O'Leary Drops Out of Leadership Race It was the culmination of a weird 24 hours. "Shark Tank" star Kevin O'Leary has officially backed out of running to lead Canada's Conservative Party, according to reports . On Tuesday, O'Leary and Bernier met at a private location in Toronto around 11 p.m. and started talking. While O'Leary backers may be lamenting his departure from the race, Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola Conservative ... [Full Article...]

US President Donald Trump to visit Israel May 22

The visit also comes ahead of a June 1 expiration of a congressional mandate to move the USA embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The Trump administration announced Wednesday that the US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will be part of the delegation visiting Israel with the president. [Full Article...]

Turkish 'sadness' after Russian navy ship sinks

Turkish 'sadness' after Russian navy ship sinks The ship, abandoned by its crew, sank later in the morning. Turkish media said about 78 people were on the Liman and had to be evacuated. However, widespread media reports said the Togo-flagged Youzarsif-H, carrying almost 9,000 sheep from Romania en route to Jordan, was actually the other vessel involved in the incident. [Full Article...]

Paris Attack Shakes up Presidential Race

Paris Attack Shakes up Presidential Race The terrorist group said it was behind the attack and named the gunman as Abu Yusuf al Beljiki, suggesting he was from Belgium. Speaking at a news conference in Paris , Molins said Cheurfi aged 39 had been identified by documents found in the auto used in the attack. [Full Article...]

China talking with European Space Agency about moon outpost

China talking with European Space Agency about moon outpost CNSA led a series of talks with ESA, and secretary general for China's space agency, Tian Yulong, discussed the potential for a lunar base on Chinese state media, according to theIndependent. "The future of space travel needs a new vision", said Jan Woerner. To explore space for peaceful purposes, worldwide cooperation is essential, the spokesman added. [Full Article...]

Turkish airstrikes kill US-backed Kurdish forces battling ISIS

The airstrikes also killed five members of the Iraqi Kurdish militia known as the peshmerga, which is also battling the extremist group with help from the US -led coalition. Turkey attacked two Kurdish positions on Tuesday, hitting a local YPG military headquarters in north-east Syria and a Peshmerga position in Iraq's Sinjar Mountains. [Full Article...]

French court refuses to extradite Kosovo ex-prime minister

French court refuses to extradite Kosovo ex-prime minister Serbia's government decided on Thursday to recall its ambassador in France to Belgrade for consultations and lodge a protest note to France, Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said after an emergency government session convened over Haradinaj's release. [Full Article...]

India Warns Pakistan Of Consequences In Spy Row

India Warns Pakistan Of Consequences In Spy Row On Monday, Pakistan's military sentenced Jadhav to death on charges of espionage and sabotage. Baglay said India was engaged in efforts to bring back Jadhav but added that he would not like to speculate on the steps being taken, including who all New Delhi may talk to. [Full Article...]

Police used murder victim's FitBit to track her movements

Police used murder victim's FitBit to track her movements USA woman Connie Dabate was shot dead at her home in CT in December 2015. A masked intruder barged into his CT home, he said, tied up and tortured him and - when his wife came home - shot and killed her. Allegedly, when his wife arrived, Richard screamed at her to get help. CT detectives told the reports that the first breakthrough in Conner Dabate's murder case came after they were able to re... [Full Article...]

Turkey arrests 1000 'secret imams' in police purge

Some 8,500 police officers participated in the operation, Anadolu said. Police officers escort people, arrested because of suspected links to Pa. -based cleric Fethullah Gulen, in Kayseri, Turkey, Wednesday, April 26, 2017. Turkey issued detention orders for around 3,224 people on Tuesday over their alleged links to a failed coup attempted in July previous year. Gulen has denied orchestrating ... [Full Article...]

Korea ready for nuclear war with US

Korea ready for nuclear war with US The latter remark is perhaps the clearest indication yet that the new commander in chief is mulling whether he might have to, if all other options fail to disarm the North's leader, Kim Jong-un, use US military force in an attempt to do so. [Full Article...]

Trump's tax duo to brief senior U.S. Congress leaders on plan

Thornton said there was no chance that Democrats would work with Trump on a tax overhaul, something that happened in 1986, when Democrats sponsored Reagan's plan. Wyden also said Democrats have not been involved in the process so far, even though he told Trump at a meeting this year that tax reform has historically been a bipartisan effort in Congress. [Full Article...]

IOC Sanctions Russian Olympic Medalist Tatiana Chernova

IOC Sanctions Russian Olympic Medalist Tatiana Chernova Chernova had already served another doping ban that saw her stripped of Olympic bronze at London in 2012 and the 2011 world title from Daegu in South Korea. The second Russian to be disqualified on Monday was 400m runner Maksim Dyldin, who failed to medal at the 2012 Games in London. He ranked 17th and fifth, respectively. [Full Article...]

Trump to order review of national monuments

SIEGLER: And, Ari, I think the big point here is that this is potentially untested territory if in fact the executive branch, the administration goes forward on its own without the authority of Congress to either nullify or abolish a national monument or even shrink one. [Full Article...]

Pakistan raises death toll to 14 in Taliban roadside bombing

Pakistan raises death toll to 14 in Taliban roadside bombing The military also sent a helicopter to evacuate the wounded to the key city of Peshawar .A spokesman for the Jamaat-ur-Ahrar, a faction of the Islamist militant Pakistani Taliban group, said the explosive device had been meant to target the country's Shia minority and workers in the area carrying out a census. [Full Article...]

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