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Not a threat’ Chinese Australians ask for understanding amid Beijing spy scandal

READ MORE‘Not a threat’ Chinese Australians ask for understanding amid Beijing spy scandal

Australia on Wednesday removed the right of doctors to order sick asylum seekers to be evacuated from two remote Pacific detention centers for medical treatment.

"We have always taken the actions necessary to ensure that Australians can have confidence in the way our borders are managed", he said.

Medevac laws passed earlier this year have been repealed, with the deciding vote cast by cross bench Senator Jacqui Lambie. "When I say I can't discuss it publicly due to national security concerns, I am being 100 per cent honest to you".

But there is some confusion about how Senator Lambie came to vote for the repeal. I know that's frustrating to people.

Lambie reached a deal with the Government that she "can not disclose" due to "national security reasons" - a deal that is strongly rumoured to be the Government's agreement to accept New Zealand's offer to permanently resettle asylum seekers on Manus and Nauru. "And we stood firm and went to an election and said, support the Coalition and we will repeal those laws and so today, we fulfilled that promise to the Australian people".

"To now deny medical professionals from taking decisions in patients' best interests - and to effectively hand that power back to unqualified officials. puts those most sick and vulnerable at risk", Doctors Without Borders Australia executive director Paul McPhun said in a statement.

And they petulantly got their way by striking some sort of clandestine deal with a loose unit moron sitting on the crossbench, the details of which aren't even being made available to opposition politicians, let alone the Australian public. The administration of US President Donald Trump said it would only honour that deal to maintain a strong relationship with Australia, and then only on condition that refugees satisfied strict checks.

"We will continue to use the arrangements that we have in place to be able to resettle people and that is the assurance that we have provided".

In the mind of Lambie, she could not erode the protection of our borders, and allow people to drown.

Opinion polls had proven that 62% of voters supported the legislation.

"There is no secret deal".

"Someone's lying here. Either Senator Lambie is lying or the government is lying".

Asylum seekers intercepted at sea are sent to the detention camps of Papua New Guinea and Nauru and are not allowed to settle in Australia.

It reported that as of Monday, 466 asylum-seekers and refugees were held offshore - 208 in PNG and 258 on Nauru - of which 234 had applied for a medical transfer. An exception is a refusal by the Home Affairs Minister on character or national security grounds.

"[The] weak and unhealthy medevac legal guidelines have to be repealed in an effort to strengthen our nationwide safety once more", mentioned the federal government's Senate chief, Mathias Cormann.

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