Riot Games to pay $10 million in gender bias case

League of Legends: Riot Games Will Pay Every Female Employee Since 2014 With $10M Fund After Settling Lawsuit

Riot to pay out $10m as part of gender discrimination class action lawsuit settlement

Riot Games will pay out at least $10 million to female employees who have worked at the company over the past five years.

Later in the year the State of California started investigating Riot over gender discrimination as well, but as reported by the LA Times, Riot is paying $10 million Dollars to settle the lawsuit.

In a statement to the LA Times, Riot said: "We're pleased to have a proposed settlement to fully resolve the class action lawsuit". The proposed settlement will reportedly affect nearly 1,000 woman who worked at Riot Games from November 2014 until the date the settlement is finalise, with exact payouts being determined by length of employment and status as either a full-time or contract worker.

The proposed $10 million settlement is pending court approval. "This shows that Riot is serious about changing the culture at the company". It detailed systemic gender discrimination inside the company's cultural framework as well as direct individual accounts of more blatant sexual harassment and discrimination. If approved, the net settlement proceeds are estimated at $6.2 million, which will be shared between recipients.

The plaintiffs alleged many women working at Riot did not receive equal compensation and found their careers stifled, and that female employees were subjected to ongoing sexual harassment including "crotch-grabbing", "phantom humping" and "unsolicited and unwelcome pictures of male genitalia". This includes reviewing all pay, hiring, and promotion systems, recruiting a chief diversity officer, and creating employee groups to check how this is all being handled. On April 24, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in favor of larger companies, stating that employees are not entitled to class-action lawsuits when consent is written into an employee contract. The company says it has over 2,500 employees worldwide. In October, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new bill making it illegal for companies to require employees hired after January 1, 2020 to sign an arbitration agreement.

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