Melania Trump unveils 2019 White House Christmas decorations

Melania Trump has debuted the White House Christmas trees on social media

Melania Trump has debuted the White House Christmas trees on social media. More

For this year's Christmas at the White House, Mrs. Trump chose the theme "Spirit of America", a nod to traditional American customs, iconography, and history.

On Saturday, the first lady posted pictures of volunteers decorating the White House.

Melania's new design is a stark turnaround from her 2018 Christmas display, which sparked controversy with its heavy use of blood-red Christmas trees.

And even Larry the cat seems to be pleased with the festive make-over.

The planning for Christmas began early in the summer so that the decorations would captivate Americans once the rooms open to the public during the holiday season. Looking forward to view it tomorrow evening!

The almost minute long video featured Melania Trump putting the finishing touches on several trees and walking through the White House admiring the decorations.

The Green Room showcases classic Christmas tales and the Red Room, decorated with children's games.

There was a tree at the entrance of the East Wing decorated with gold stars that had been placed on it by members of Gold Star families, who have lost an immediate relative in military service.

"When I travel the country, I am inspired by the hard-working people and families that I meet", Trump said in a statement about the holiday décor.

She continued: "No matter which state they call home, many Americans share a strong set of values and deep appreciation for the traditions and history of our great nation".

Speaking of tree ornaments, the camera made sure to zero in on a Scrabble-themed decoration spelling out the name of the first lady's grammatically challenged and nebulously defined anti-bullying and/or anti-opioid abuse initiative Be Best. A White House staffer noted to CNN the garland, though incredibly lifelike, was actually made of faux flowers, though real ones were placed in gold holders on a long dining room table.

A White House made of gingerbread surrounded by landmarks from around the country in the State Dining Room during the 2019 Christmas preview.

A decorated tree stands next to the portrait of President George Washington in the East Room.

The popular display also features models of some of the nation's most famous landmarks, including Mount Rushmore, St. Louis' Gateway Arch, the Alamo, the Liberty Bell and the Statue of Liberty, along with the Golden Gate Bridge and the Space Needle. And for the family's ornament she chose a metal American flag, that looked as if it was rippling in the wind.

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