Here’s How to Order a Baby Yoda Frappuccino at Starbucks

Baby Yoda Merch, Flying Stormtroopers & 'The Rise of Skywalker' Hints

Baby Yoda's universal appeal has taken the world by storm, but no toys for Christmas 2019

The breakout star of "The Mandalorian" is driving almost twice as many average social media interactions in news stories about it as any 2020 Democratic hopeful, according to Axios.

If you have yet to watch the new Star Wars series, you've likely already seen GIFs floating around on the internet of a tiny and much younger version of what looks like Yoda.

If you don't have Disney+, you can subscribe here and catch up on the first four episodes of The Mandalorian.

Here's how the internet is meme-ing Baby Yoda this weekend.

You've probably seen this image of "Baby Yoda sipping soup" all over your Instagram feed this weekend.

The first appearance of baby Yoda is adorable and to many fans that's what really counts. The character has become more popular than the Mandalorian himself, but as Disney chose to keep him a secret until the series was released, there weren't any toys or products with Baby Yoda's image, which was a disappointment for Star Wars fans - and Disney probably wasn't expecting the character to be such a hit.

So Thanos wouldn't have been actually 13 or 17, that's just the general look he'd have and how we'd perceive him in human years.

This is Star Wars after all.

'No offense, ' said a disgruntled-looking mother to her baby as she pushed it in a stroller. Now obviously this is for amusement and it works on a few different levels, but it does raise a question as to how powerful baby Yoda is at this time.

Once the meme took off, Lil Jon's "Get Low" wasn't the only rap song Baby Yoda was rocking out to.

The bounty hunter, who comes from the same culture as the iconic bad guy Boba Fett, steadfastly refuses to ever remove his helmet unless he's completely alone.

Many suspect that Baby Yoda, who's real name and alien species hasn't been revealed just yet, is a clone of Yoda.

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