London attack victims took part in program with prisoners

Armed police at the scene of an incident on London Bridge in central London following a police incident Friday

Armed police at the scene of an incident on London Bridge in central London following a police incident Friday. Dominic Lipinski PA via AP

With just over a week to go before Britons vote on December 12, Mr. Johnson has been keen to avoid the fate of his predecessor, Theresa May, who faced two terrorist attacks during the 2017 election including one near London Bridge that killed eight people. Ms.

The Islamic State terror group claimed responsibility for the attack, saying Khan was one of its fighters, but did not provide any evidence.

The group claimed the attack was carried out in response to the UK's ongoing involvement in conflicts in the Middle East.

Poland says it will award its highest medal for sacrifice and courage to a Polish national who played a key role in preventing the London Bridge attack from escalating.

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said in a statement Friday that Khan began the attack during a conference the University of Cambridge organized inside Fishmongers' Hall near the bridge's north end.

In 2012, he was sentenced to indeterminate detention for "public protection" with a minimum jail term of eight years after pleading guilty to preparing terrorist acts.

The leaders' comments came after the London Bridge terror attack, which has left two civilians dead after a terrorist was released early from prison in England. The attacker was shot dead at the scene by police.

He said the other person who died, Jack Merritt, was a course co-ordinator of the program.

Khan served time in prison for a 2012 conviction for terrorism offenses, London police said Saturday.

He had been released early despite the judge in his case warning that he remained "an ongoing danger to the public".

The family said she wanted to specialize in victim support.

"We respectfully request that the media leave us to grieve in private at this very hard time".

Questions over rehabilitation Britain's Parole Board, meanwhile, said it had no role to play in Khan's freedom as he was released automatically on license, as required by United Kingdom law.

Khan was living in Stafford and wearing a Global Positioning System police tag when he launched his attack inside Fishmongers' Hall, where he was attending a conference hosted by Learning Together, a prisoners' rehabilitation programme.

"This programme [Learning Together] was hosting the conference at Fishmongers Hall that was targeted by Khan ... who a participant at this conference", Challands said.

"I express my enduring thanks to the police and emergency services, as well as the fearless individuals who put their own lives at risk to selflessly help and protect others", Queen Elizabeth said in a statement released by Buckingham Palace Saturday.

"I saw that the knife was still in his hand so I just put a foot in to try and kick him in the head", he said.

"It is a mistake to allow serious and violent criminals to come out of prison early and it is very important that we get out of that habit and that we enforce the appropriate sentences for unsafe criminals, especially for terrorists", the PM said on Friday ahead of an emergency meeting with the government's Cobra committee. He was conditionally released from jail last December under so-called licensing conditions after serving around half of his jail term.

He calls for more funding for prisons "so that prison officers are able to do their job", for psychological assessments of prisoners before they are released, and for the Parole Board to be involved in the release decision.

"A great deal of work is being done right now to make sure that the public is protected", he added.

Corbyn said Conservative cuts to community policing and to probation, mental health, youth and social services could "lead to missed chances to intervene in the lives of people who go on to commit inexcusable acts".

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