Macron, Erdogan go head-to-head in 'brain death' row

Turkish Army tanks drive to the Syrian Turkish border town of Jarabulus

Turkey to Resume ‘Operation Peace Spring’ in Northern Syria 12AFP Bulent Kilic John Hayward27 Nov 2019

Turkey on Thursday accused Emmanuel Macron of sponsoring terrorism in reaction to new criticism by the French president about Ankara's operation in Syria.

Turkey's foreign minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, confirmed that Turkey had blocked the Baltic plan, saying: "We are not against Nato's retaliation plans for the Baltic nations but [Nato] should also want for Turkey what it wants for the Baltics".

Turkey looked at the part of the group - which YPG - as terrorists.

Ties between Turkey and France have been strained in recent years, but Macron and Cavusoglu's comments on Thursday highlight growing tensions ahead of NATO's 70th anniversary summit in London next week. Right now, there is a void in Europe, he is trying to be its leader, but this an artificial behavior.

French President Emmanuel Macron warned Turkey on Thursday that it's alienating allies, and mustn't depend upon assist from the multinational alliance whereas additionally finishing up widely-condemned navy operations towards Kurds in northern Syria as a "fait accompli".

Macron further stressed that Turkey's actions in northeastern Syria have brought up real questions about its commitments and true intentions.

"Turkey will be less and less trusted in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and might be seen as Russia's Trojan horse within the alliance", Wasilewski said. "We are also allies", Cavusoglu said. "I'm glad it was delivered, and I'm glad everyone now thinks we should be more concerned with our strategic objectives".

The war of words set the stage for what is likely to be a fractious North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit outside London next week, which will be attended by both Macron and Erdogan as well as US President Donald Trump.

"I respect the security interests of our Turkish ally, which has suffered numerous attacks on its soil", Macron said.

Macron has been one of the most vocal critics of Ankara's offensive against a Kurdish militia that took the fight to the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria, with the backing of a US-led anti-IS coalition.

"NATO decisions need to have a consensus". The bloc's new navy plan towards what it claims to be a risk from Russian Federation wants a unanimous approval by all member states.

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