Google fires four employee activists for allegedly 'violating' company policies

Google employee activist says she’s been fired		
	Megan Rose Dickey

		10 hours

Google employee activist says she’s been fired Megan Rose Dickey @meganrosedickey 10 hours

The Google workplace long regarded as a mix of pleasure, goodwill and free food has been disrupted by the opposition of employees to high-level decisions, ranging from contracting with the military the customization of a search engine version intended for China and the treatment of sexual abuse. allegations of misconduct.

The firing comes as Google seeks to more tightly control information disseminated within and outside of the company.

In recent weeks, some workers have cited management moves - such as implementing a tracking tool on employee's web browsers and hiring a consulting firm known for anti-union work - as attempts to curb activism.

San Francisco: Google again finds itself in the midst of a controversy over its relationship with employees.

The two workers who had been put on leave before being fired on Monday, Rebecca Rivers and Laurence Berland, had spoken out at the rally. Rivers confirmed the tweet but declined to comment further. The concept, along with Google's other substantial perks and its longtime motto, "Don't be evil", drew contrasts with the rest of corporate America and helped project the image of a warm, friendly company that prioritized its employees. Rivers and Berland were not immediately available for comment. The memo announcing the firings was first reported by Bloomberg News.

When they were still suspended prior to the firings, two of the quartet on Friday addressed a protest rally at the company's San Francisco offices, according to United States media. She said that Google instead of listening to her and her co-workers punished her by putting her on administrative leave. Google previously allowed employees to freely access documents from across the company. One of the workers set up notifications to receive emails detailing the work and whereabouts of other employees without their knowledge or consent, the memo said. Earlier this month, the company cut its weekly all-hands meetings to monthly and said it would only field questions in them about products, rather than work culture or personnel matters.

"This is meant to scare employees, don't let it go", tweeted the marketing campaign group, calling on different employers to step in and rent the 4.

Veena Dubal, an associate professor at the University of California's Hastings College of the Law, said, "It does seem like this termination was in direct response to their organizing".

The sackings followed a demonstration on Friday at Google's San Francisco office, attended by over 200 employees. "Our teams are committed to investigating these issues, and today we've dismissed four employees for clear and repeated violations of our data security policies".

Workers have also questioned Google over a secret project to develop a search engine for China, created to aid in its censorship regime.

That could reinforce changing perceptions that the company is increasingly focusing its energies on identifying sources of internal dissent.

"Four of our colleagues took a stand and organised for a better workplace, When they did, Google retaliated against them", said a worker in a medium post. "Silence and secrecy are not the way for us to come together to solve problems". The employees demanded at the rally that the suspension of Rivers and Berland must be revoked. Along with that, they expelled two more people who participated in the rally against Google.

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