Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam refuses to quit after blow at polls

Supporters celebrate pro-democracy candidates' strong showing in Hong Kong's council elections

Supporters celebrate pro-democracy candidates' strong showing in Hong Kong's council elections

The Cross-Harbor Tunnel, a major artery linking Hong Kong island to the Kowloon peninsula which closed after protesters occupied the campus nearby, will re-open at 5.am on Wednesday (0900 GMT), chief secretary Matthew Cheung said.

Police have cordoned off the area to try to prevent anyone from escaping.

University search teams resumed a sweep of the Hong Kong Polytechnic campus for a second day for any protesters still holding out, although officials said it's unlikely anyone else remains. But even this is doomed if Beijing fails to understand a very simple truth: the people of Hong Kong, especially the young, will do anything to have freedom. The results were perceived as a public reprimand of his hard line during the demonstrations. In fact, Lam's statement could be more or less a reflection of the stance of her Beijing bosses.

While Lam acknowledged the vote reflected "unhappiness" and vowed to "seriously reflect on these views", she continued to advocate a plan she outlined more than two months ago calling for peaceful dialogue with "people from all walks of life".

But she also said that Hong Kong "could no longer tolerate this chaotic situation". "Please, help us maintain the relative calm and peace we have seen over the past week and provide a good base in Hong Kong to move forward". The government's refusal to compromise despite the election outcome could spark fresh unrest at a time when the semi-autonomous Chinese territory has plunged into its first recession in a decade.

Hong Kong has been engulfed by mass protests since June. They want an end to the police siege but police said they will send a team of negotiators into the campus to find and coax the holdouts to surrender.

He said the individual was over 18 and not a student at the university.

University assistants were trying to avoid an arrest. Polytechnic University Executive Vice President Dr Miranda Lou said no-one had been found so far.

He said had a very good relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and expected him to ensure a positive outcome in the Chinese-ruled city of Hong Kong, where pro-democracy parties won nearly 90% of 452 district council seats in Sunday's elections.

And I think you saw that from the people of Hong Kong this past week, Mr. Pompeo said.

Lam and her officials have repeatedly ruled out meeting any of the other demands, although analysts said economic concessions were likely in the pipeline in a bid to mollify residents.

Following the polls, pro-democracy politicians have stepped up calls for Ms Lam to address the movement's key demands such as direct popular elections for the city's leadership and legislature, and a probe into alleged police brutality against demonstrators. Some protesters had barricaded themselves inside universities.

The Chinese Communist Party's People's Daily reported Tuesday that the local elections in Hong Kong have concluded, but it did not mention the result.

Hong Kong's most urgent task was to restore order and stop the violence, Geng told a daily press briefing.

Beijing is cautious in part not to jeopardize trade negotiations with the United States. China's foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Beijing "resolutely supports" the leader and backs the police and judiciary in Hong Kong in "punishing relevant violent and illegal behaviours".

Vice foreign minister Zheng Zeguang summoned USA ambassador Terry Branstad on Monday to voice a "strong protest" over the bill, the ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Hong Kong bill awaiting President Donald Trump's signature supports human rights and democracy in the city, while threatening to revoke the territory's special economic status.

An American president has 10 days, excluding Sundays, to sign a bill into law from the time it is presented to him or her. If he does not do so, it automatically becomes law while Congress could also override a veto with a two-thirds majority in both houses.

Trump cited his "very good relationship" with Chinese President Xi Jinping and that the USA was in the final stages of an important trade deal.

A journalist works on his laptop amid items left behind by protestors in Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) in Hong Kong, China, November 26, 2019.

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