Baby Yoda Gifs reinstated after Star Wars takedown confusion

The Mandalorian

Don't worry, your Baby Yoda GIFs are safe and sound

Giphy, a database of the mini-videos, had been removing animated GIF files of the Star Wars character from the new Disney Plus streaming series "The Mandalorian".

Nearly as soon as "Baby Yoda" (or "Yoda Baby"?) debuted on the wildly popular new Disney Plus series "The Mandalorian", a thousand internet memes bloomed in its wake.

Turns out when it's not an ancient Jedi master, the unknown species shared by this Disney+ show's baby and Star Wars' Yoda share a lot of visual elements with the Mogwai. and fans have already started drawing comparisons in the memeiest of ways. Disney also has its own image sharing online character.

But the animations disappeared late last week after Giphy - the platform used to make them - blocked the posts.

But Giphy is blaming "confusion" in a statement. It is possible that Giphy is afraid of lawsuits brought by Disney simply because of the popularity of GIFs (a Vulture story built entirely around Baby Yoda GIF was a big part of this odd mystery, for example). Eleonora Rosati, of Counsel at Bird & Bird, said in order to answer this question, it needs to be considered whether the GIF embodies "sufficient originality".

Baby Yoda has become the runaway favourite of the internet after the launch of Star Wars series The Mandalorian at the beginning of November.

She added: "Assuming that a GIF is protected, the next question is whether nonetheless the maker of a GIF can claim successfully that it is "fair use" of the work".

"This is a legal grey area overall", she said. Sign up to our free daily newsletters and get stories like this sent straight to your inbox.

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