K-pop star found dead at home

South Korean K-pop star Goo Hara found dead in Seoul

Goo Hara, K-pop star of Kara fame, found dead

Goo Hara started her career by being a part of the Korean girl group Kara in 2008.

She was found within the prosperous Cheongdam-dong space of Seoul, South Korea, at round 6pm native time on Sunday and Gangnam police stated investigations are ongoing. Yonhap news agency reports Hara attempted to commit suicide back in March as well.

In May this year, Goo was found unconscious after an alleged suicide attempt and later issued an apology to her fans after receiving criticism for the same. Police suspect she took her own life.

The man was convicted of multiple crimes including blackmail in August and was given a suspended jail term, but the star had been targeted by abusive online comments since the incident.

Kara was one of the few Korean pop music groups that witnessed vast popularity overseas, particularly in Japan, at a time when many other K-pop groups were aspiring for a breakthrough on the worldwide stage.

Hara had posted a tearful message on her Instagram shortly after Sulli's dying, grieving the passing of her pal. She described their friendship as being "like sisters"; in a livestream, she vowed, "I will live twice more diligently now that you are gone", adding, "Dear fans, I will be fine". In her final Instagram post, she captioned a selfie of herself lying in bed with "sleep tight". Many people are dissuaded to go to a psychiatrist for a mental check-up.

There has been a succession of suicides among K-Pop stars, with many complaining of experiencing depression and huge pressure in an industry that is driven by fandoms, where a certain pattern of behavior is expected.

"It is so sad that she had to suffer from vicious, inhumane comments at such a young age just because she was a celebrity", 20-year-old student Kim Nam-gun told Reuters, one of about two dozen fans who gathered at the funeral home.

South Korea has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, according to World Health Organisation data.

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