To Prevent Leaks, Disney Didn't Make Baby Yoda Toys & Merchandise For 2019

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Who is Baby Yoda? The Mandalorian’s breakout character explained

Spoiler warning. This article delves into topics in the first two episodes of the Disney Plus show The Mandalorian - and potential spoilers based on easter eggs at Disney parks and the show itself.

At the end of the series premiere, it is revealed that the "package" is actually what has come to be known as "Baby Yoda, ' though it is not know what connection, if any, this 50 year old 'infant" has to the Yoda from the original Star Wars movie trilogy. I know that every parent thinks their child is the cutest in the galaxy, but this is patently false - unless their child is Baby Yoda. "It's heartbreakingly lovely", he told GQ.

While a lot is unknown about the beloved Star Wars character Yoda, it is highly unlikely that baby Yoda is related to the real Yoda. "This is an important character".

It may seem shocking, but Yoda's species was never revealed in any Star Wars film. (We may or may not have a picture of Baby Yoda in our wallet.) German filmmaker Werner Herzog, who plays the enigmatic, unnamed client who commissioned (apparently multiple) bounties on the creature, said he was moved to tears after seeing the creature on set. Disney hasn't officially confirmed that yet, but it's pretty clear. But with no other identifying information, and the only other known member of this mysterious Yoda species, the internet has decided: His name is Baby Yoda. In Wookieepedia, his species is actually referred to as "Yoda's species". We're overjoyed by just about everything this thing does, whether it's swallowing its dinner whole, using the Force, napping, or just cooing in the general direction of the Mandalorian.

They point out that the usual weekly intervals between the TV show episodes are suddenly changed as the movie hits cinemas. As such, the timeline just doesn't support the notion that our collective bundle of joy is the actual Yoda, who dies - at 900 years old - in "The Return of the Jedi".

Is there a Baby Yoda toy? Baby Yoda, watching nervously from his floating bassinet, raises his tiny hand and the beast is stopped in its tracks. Expect everything from a stuffed animal to a Funko Pop!, and some of it could arrive by this holiday season.

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