Star Wars ‘Baby Yoda’ toys are coming to a store near you

Baby Yoda DIY

Baby Yoda DIY

The newest character in the "Star Wars" universe who resembles infamous Jedi master Yoda debuted in the first episode of the new Disney+ show, completely outshining the titular main character played by Pedro Pascal.

After The Mandalorian made it to his high-paying bounty and found out it was a cute baby alien, he couldn't let IG-11 kill it. Earlier today, CNN Business reported sluggish early sales figures for toy makers, which would be the second straight underwhelming holiday season for the segment. It is unclear at the moment where the material will be delivered with as much wisdom as you can promise nothing to your greedy children in Yoda's eyes. But who can blame the Mandalorian for succumbing to the wiles - or at the very least, the burbles - of Baby Yoda? There will be shirts and apparel as well as accessories, but no specific word on those plushies. Goods could arrive as early as Friday.

A Lucasfilm rep tells Twitter, "DEVELOPING: Of COURSE there's gonna be little guy merch!", along with Baby Yoda image. Last year, toymakers also struggled in the absence of a Star Wars movie in theaters and the first U.S. holiday season without Toys "R" Us, which closed more than 700 stores last year. He said this during red carpet interview with Entertainment Tonight.

The Mandalorian nevertheless offloads Baby Yoda to his mysterious client (Werner Herzog), and we get that devastating shot of him craning in his bassinet to look back, without understanding, at his rescuer-turned-betrayer.

What's interesting is that all of Baby Yoda's rescuers are (apparently) human, just like us. "We really wanted to have it be that you had to watch it yourself, so that every time you watch the show, there are new twists and secrets that come out", he said.

So, even though fans had to wait a little bit, it was worth it for that reveal at the end of Episode 1.

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