Pompeo ‘proud’ of State Dept but Mum on Attacked Diplomat

Secretary of State Pompeo refuses to defend former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch

Report indicates Pompeo will run for Kansas Senate seat

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday declined to vigorously defend a diplomat in President Donald Trump's crosshairs in the impeachment inquiry but said he was "proud" of the State Department.

Sondland, the ambassador to the European Union, also spoke with Pompeo about potentially getting Zelensky to pledge during a meeting with Trump in Poland that he "should be able to move forward publicly and with confidence on those issues of importance to" Trump with the hopes of ending the "logjam" between the two nations. Pompeo was one of the first top officials in the Trump administration to be subpoenaed by House Democrats, but he failed to comply under direction from the White House.

Pompeo, who has managed for nearly three years to protect a heat relationship with the mercurial president, is strolling a tightrope as diplomats are known as to look earlier than Congress. It is unclear whether he has discussed any plans to resign with the president. Pompeo expressed his approval of the plan, according to the ambassador's testimony.

Media reported on Tuesday that Pompeo told three prominent Republicans that he had planned to run for Senate in the upcoming elections. "Anyone who says otherwise is just wrong", a source close to Pompeo said, cited by Time.

Trump is facing an impeachment inquiry over allegations he withheld U.S. military aid so he could press Ukraine to dig up dirt on domestic rival Joe Biden.

"State Department workers are constantly defended by me". Pompeo has come under fire during the ongoing impeachment hearings against President Trump, with many criticizing him for failing to defend State Department officials and protect USA policies against Trump's efforts to politicize foreign affairs.

And Republicans already have speculated for months that Pompeo will resign to run for the Senate in his home state.

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