PG&E say San Francisco, northern California to lose power

PG&E begins 48-hour notifications for Nov. 20 blackout

Potential PG&E power cuts to leave thousands in the dark

San Francisco: The San Francisco-based Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has said that strong winds could lead to another power outage in Northern California this week.

Lawmakers wanted answers from Bill Johnson and executives from the state's other two investor-owned utilities about the shutoffs last month that caused life-saving medication to spoil, businesses to lose money and communications networks to go dark.

Johnson told the panel that the smaller shutdowns persuaded company officials they "had figured it out".

"We weren't as well prepared as we thought, and we needed to give a little more attention - a lot more attention - to impacts after we shut the power off", Johnson said. "I do imagine as things went on, we acquired far better at just about every a single of these".

The company said the potential cuts were meant to avoid its equipment sparking wildfires in hot weather.

Democratic state Sen. Scott Wiener reported he thought-about PG&E had "forfeited its correct to run as an trader-owned utility".

State Sen. Bill Dodd told Johnson the company's handling of the large shutoffs has been "a big "screw you" to your customers" and had created "a real trust issue" with the company.

The offshore winds are the result of a storm system moving into the Southwest United States, which is bringing beneficial rains and mountain snows to Southern California, Arizona and New Mexico but only brief showers and even a thunderstorm to parts of Northern California.

"Once the high winds subside, now expected to be Thursday mid-morning, PG&E will inspect the de-energized lines to ensure they were not damaged during the wind event, and then restore power". Simply seven a few years in a while, which is grown to greater than 50%.

The public safety power shutoff will affect 18 counties, it said.

Johnson instructed lawmakers that PG&E has put in $30 billion above the earlier 10 years bettering upon its electrical community. He also explained the organization a short while ago inspected its wide network of electricity lines and other gear for repairs and substitute.

On Monday afternoon, around 39,000 PG&E customers in the areas of Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and San Mateo were notified of a possible shutoff.

"We do not anticipate an yearly repeat of what we went by way of this Oct", Johnson claimed. "That just can not happen again".

Lawmakers had been skeptical, venting residents' pent-up stress on the group that's striving to come up from private chapter after its outdated units has sparked devastating wildfires in present yrs.

Beset by mounting failures and liabilities, PG&E filed for bankruptcy protection in January this year, facing up to $30 billion in wildfire liabilities and possessing an aging infrastructure in bade need of replacement, after it was sued by victims of deadly wildfires in 2017 and 2018 in Northern California.

To avoid being blamed for another wildfire, some utilities have chose to cut power during high winds when the fire risk is elevated. He did note that if the company made a decision to bury one-quarter of its power lines in wildfire-prone areas, it would cost roughly $15 billion.

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