'Meth. We're On It.': South Dakota prevention campaign launches

'Meth. We're on it,' South Dakota's government declares in new ad campaign

'Meth. We're on it' – South Dakota's new public health ads raise eyebrows

She said that 13 people in South Dakota died a year ago from meth overdoses and that there were 3,000 arrests tied to meth and its use in the state during the same period. "Right now, my team is accepting bids from media companies for a targeted meth awareness campaign".

"But they're taking the issue head on and they're saying 'We need to work together and we're on it, '" Gill says. South Dakota´s Department of Social Services paid the agency almost $449,000 this fall, according to the state´s finances website.

Tweeted New York Times opinion columnist Jamelle Bouie, "For half the cost of this campaign I will develop an even better slogan: 'Drugs".

South Dakota has now received four disaster declarations this year.

Noem called the new campaign a "bold, innovative effort like the nation has never before seen".

One moment of national embarrassment might cause a state to triple check that its four-word slogans express the public-health idea they're meant to convey - and only that idea.

Another user suggested the campaign sounded more like an advertisement for the drug. @drewmagary wrote: 'A million dollars isn't cool.

Every other particular person wrote: "I admire parody info, but right here is often genuine!" "So I think that's working".

- FERRARI SHEPPARD (@stopbeingfamous) November 19, 2019South Dakota, to judge by this thread, has problems that go deeper than the meth epidemic. "We're On It." According to a press release, the campaign will focus on creating awareness for available resources to those seeking help, and to connect and empower community members who want to tackle the South Dakota methamphetamine issue locally.

"We need funding to educate people about the dangers of the drug, strengthen rehabilitation programming, and crack down on drug dealers through added law enforcement", the letter read.
"I am confident South Dakota can lead the country in this effort and demonstrate ways we can aggressively combat addiction and spark opportunities for recovery".

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