Eric Swalwell Says He Didn't Fart On MSNBC

Eric Swalwell Nuked MSNBC With a Massive Fart...All on Live TV

Source AP

The congressman kept on talking like nothing had happened though, and controversy erupted over whether Swalwell or Chris Matthews was responsible for the noise.

"Chris, up to now the proof is uncontradicted that the president used taxpayer to assist him cheat..." he says as he takes a deep breath, which is when the alleged fart was heard, earlier than happening to complete his sentence, "an election". And, of course, #fartgate and #shartgate soon started to trend everywhere on Twitter as a result. The show tweeted out that it was not actually a fart, but rather a "Hardball" mug being scraped across the glass desk that caused the hilarious noise.

The person operating Hardball's official Twitter account went on to tweet out the popular meme of two Spidermen pointing at each other.

For what's it worth, the show "Hardball" has tweeted out that it was not flatulence, but the sound of a mug scraping across the desk that we heard. MSNBC is claiming that someone moved a mug along a table to accidentally create the sound. "Get yours in the present day and let's get again to the information!"

Swalwell was ecstatic, quickly using the network's cover as what he described as "TOTAL EXONERATION!" - very Trump-like, right?!

Addy then praised Swalwell, saying: You are a good sport.

We'll leave it to you to get to the bottom of this mystery. The TV host apparently has a history of suspect noises, so fans think this fits the bill.

For what it's worth, Swalwell did reportedly claim in that text exchange that the fart moment "was amusing tho".

The real answer is still up in the air. but something definitely smells fishy.

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