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The first episode dropped with Disney+ earlier this week, and the show immediately immersed itself in a Star Wars aesthetic.

One user wrote, "After watching both episodes of the Mandalorian I have come to the conclusion that baby Yoda is THE cutest thing in the entire galaxy and I would 100% die for him".

It's a genius strategy, made possible because the baby Yoda creature is nearly comically adorable, like a furless Mogwai, and the puppetry used to bring it to life is stunning. Series creator Jon Favreau has already confirmed that this "asset" (as it's called in the show) is important to the story.

Star Wars' website is also coy, simply referring to the species as "unknown". But if you are, you probably have one huge question: How the hell is baby Yoda and will he show up again in future Star Wars movies? That's thanks in large part to the odd humor of seeing the stoic Mando trying to deal with a curious child from Yoda's species, who is every bit as mischievous and mysterious as Yoda was (and apparently just as naturally gifted in the ways of the Force, judging by the way it lifted and knocked out that Mudhorn creature). After all, one reason for that brevity may be the visual richness of what's on-screen, with enough handsome new worlds and spectacular battles to stand alongside any of the Star Wars feature films.

Who wants a regular old baby when you could have a baby Yoda to devote your life to?

In The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda eats what Wookieepedia informs me is "root-leaf stew", a concoction made up of roots and swamp leaves boiled for ten minutes. How they're related is still a mystery, but there is a fan theory backed by some easter eggs.

We're going to discuss that surprise below, so here's a final warning to you: if you haven't been spoiled yet, watch the first episode. After jokingly providing up the idea of reviving the particular just a few months in the past, it seems The Mandalorian's Jon Favreau may be significantly contemplating the enterprise.

The doctor's insistence that The Child is returned to them safe and unharmed gives fuel to those fans who believe this "baby Yoda" is a clone of the Jedi Master who trained Luke. Expect everything from a stuffed animal to a Funko Pop!, and some of it could arrive by this holiday season.

Two episodes are out now, and we've also seen episode three, and we just gotta say it's a very good time, and it sets up what looks like a very fun rest of the season.

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