Rumor: BioWare working on a complete Anthem overhaul

Anthem cataclysm

Source Anthem press kit

In accordance to one source, BioWare teams in each Austin and Edmonton have used quite a few months "just tearing [Anthem] down and figuring out what essential to adjust basically (a lot)". The overhaul is now being worked on by developers at both BioWare Edmonton and BioWare Austin, and it is loosely named as both "Anthem 2.0" and "Anthem Next".

However, word is BioWare is hard at work on precisely the kind of bottom-up transformation that players have been hoping for practically since the game's launch. The project that BioWare is working on is entitled Anthem Next or Anthem 2.0. The report, sources by those close to the game, suggests that BioWare is now in talks about plans for the game's future, how updates should be distributed, such as the format for the upcoming Icetide event, and what is important to change or keep in the game moving forward. "And we've been rebuilding for another few months since". With so much to alter, there are even still discussions over whether it's better to roll out smaller updates, go for one big update or even release an entirely new game (although naturally, Kotaku notes, current players wouldn't pay full-price for changes if that was the case).

Plans for the overhaul are described as being in flux, but it's claimed missions, loot and the game world "will change drastically". To its credit, the game's most recent updates have made solid forward progress on build and loot variety, but minor updates have done little to lift the spirits of many players. While reviewers commented on the potential in the game, it was plagued with technical issues on all platforms.

The very idea of a revamp of this magnitude for Anthem is indeed a welcome one, but you do have to wonder whether or not the boat has sailed on Anthem. If the studio does take this route, rather than Destiny: The Taken King, Anthem Next would be more like Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn - a complete and utter do-over. "We're also looking at breaking up the need to go back to [Fort Tarsis] after every mission", said the person, "and what a mission technically is". This forced Bioware to drop most of its content schedule and plans so the problems could be addressed. Throughout N7 Day, Gamble and his team asked Mass Effect fans what they'd like to see in a new game.

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