4 killed in post-election violence in Bolivia

Evo supporter

A supporter of former Bolivian President Evo Morales takes part in a protest in La Paz Bolivia

(CNN)Bolivia's former President, Evo Morales, said that he is willing to return to the country and not run in the next election for the sake of peace and stability if his resignation is accepted.

First indigenous president of Bolivia, Morales He had faced increasing pressure after claiming he was the absolute victor of the vote in Bolivia on October 20, with opposition supporters who took to the streets for weeks accusing him of undermining the country's democracy.

Ms Anez said on Friday that Morales was free to return to Bolivia, but would have to respond to allegations of electoral fraud and would not be immune from investigation.

Bolivia's first indigenous president, Morales had been facing increasing pressure after claiming he was the outright victor of Bolivia's October 20 vote, with opposition supporters taking to the streets for weeks accusing him of undermining the country's democracy.

"I am concerned that the situation in Bolivia could spin out of control if the authorities do not handle it ... with full respect for human rights", Bachelet said in a statement.

Protests have flared across Bolivia since Morales was declared the victor of the October 20 election, beating his nearest rival, centrist Carlos Mesa, by just enough to avoid a second round. He arrived later in Mexico, which offered him the political asylum.

An Organisation of American States audit of the vote found widespread irregularities.

Families of the victims held a candlelight vigil in Sacaba.

Morales, 60, said on Twitter that the measure gave 'carte blanche and impunity to massacre people'.

Protesters said police fired Friday when demonstrators tried to cross a military checkpoint in Sacaba, a town near Cochabamba. "Killing us like nothing?" "They should be called the Organization of the states of North America, not America".

The protesters were in brief confrontations with riot police Wednesday. Anez said she was pleased to establish relations with a "democratic Venezuela". "If not the whole country is going to close in on her", said Enrique Mamani, 21, a local resident. "There's political persecution against our leaders".

Morales stop under pressure from the authorities and army following signs of vote-rigging tainted his success in last month's presidential election.

Thousands of demonstrators marched through the cities of La Paz and El Alto.

"Products are scarce. There's no meat, no chicken, people are making long lines".

But analysts say the leftist president lost significant popularity, even among his own supporters after challenging the results of a 2016 referendum on the limits of the presidential term and insisting on running for a fourth term.

Morales loyalists also rallied in large numbers to express their support.

The Constitutional Court has backed Anez's claim that she didn't need to be confirmed by Congress, a body controlled by Morales' Movement Toward Socialism party.

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