The Mandalorian Episode 1 Review - 6 Ups And 1 Down

The Mandalorian Review: Yeehaw, We Got Ourselves a Kick-Ass Star Wars Western

New episodes of The Mandalorian will air Fridays on Disney+.

So, now that we're past the first date, does Episode Two of The Mandalorian show us the true colors of the flagship original program of Disney Plus?

What we do know, thanks to the trailer, is that in certain clips featured throughout, the Mandalorian's armor looks newer and shinier than the largely colorful array we saw in "Chapter 1". Star Wars has a long history of video games, of varying quality, but from what we've seen of this series so far, it is nearly tailored-made for a fun, fast-paced RPG experience that could-because of Mandalorian lore-be an nearly endless exploration of the Star Wars universe. So there's great puppetry, there's great audio effects.

The big difference here is that Agents of SHIELD took place about the same time as The Winter Soldier, whereas The Mandalorian is set decades before The Rise of Skywalker.

Given that Herzog doesn't watch many movies, it's not exactly surprising that he's not binge-watching the latest shows from Netflix or Hulu.

From there, a amusing, but not too goofy scene involves the titular character meeting Kuiil (Nick Nolte) on his way to securing this new enigmatic bounty. I think it could be really fun. (To give credit where its due: the cinematography and production design of these scenes are fittingly gorgeous for a series with such a high budget.) In fact, until the very end of the first episode, the Mandalorian remains as monochrome as his surroundings, making moments when he finally betrays some semblance of personality - most especially when he's frustrated with Taika Waititi's matter-of-fact bounty hunter droid - even more precious. This would imply two things: that the child is likely being sought by The Client and Doctor Pershing specifically because of his Force abilities, and that all members of Yoda's species are inherently strong in the Force. "The asset was to be terminated", IG-11 says. Questions like "Who is the lead of this series, anyways?" "I knew what was expected of me - I knew the interior landscape of the character and I knew the exterior landscape".

We've only just recovered from The Mandalorian premiere, but Disney and Lucasfilm are already looking towards the future.

When talking to Whole Movie about his new film Relationship Story as very well as how Star Wars adjusted his life, Adam Driver uncovered that a supporter dressed as Kylo Ren stalked him in his lodge, even asking other guests if they'd viewed him all over. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Thankfully, star Pedro Pascal has some answers about the person behind the mask made famous by the father-son / guy-clone-of-guy duo of Jango and Boba Fett. Yoda's unnamed species is ancient, mysterious and extremely scarce. Our guess is that something significant happens in episode 7 that reveals how the Emperor returns, then we see that play out in The Rise of Skywalker, and then episode 8 deals with the fallout of that information and sets the show on its new path for Season 2. I was not tossed into unknown territory. I actually wouldn't mind buying action figures and merchandise for this show, something I haven't done since the release of The Last Jedi. If nothing else, at least they're going heavy on the lone gunman vibe that felt so at home in the Star Wars universe during the opener. Not only that, Rian Johnson's trilogy is also in the frame at some point, not to mention the Kenobi miniseries.

Samsung also teases Star Wars fans by saying that the video is just the tip of the iceberg as far as this collaboration goes.

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