NFL Insider Announces Punishment For Steelers QB Mason Rudolph


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I know I have support here with my staff, with Dee (Haslam) and Jimmy (Haslam), with (GM) John Dorsey, with our players. "I know I have to be accountable for what happened, learn from my mistakes and I fully intend to do so".

"I didn't see why it started, but it's inexcusable", he said. "I don't care, rivalry or not, we can't do that". The league also fined both teams $US250,000 and said "additional discipline for other players will be forthcoming". It's inexcusable, he knows that. I hope he does now.

"We'll see how serious the National Football League is about their players", said Pouncey, who also said he didn't even remember what he did after Rudolph was hit.

Former Steelers defensive icon James Harrison said Garrett's attack was "assault at the least".

"The reality is, he's going to get suspended", Mayfield said. We can't continue to hurt this team. "I am not going to back down from any bully out there", Rudolph said after the game.

'Oh gosh. Oh my goodness, ' Buck said as he watched a slow-motion replay of the incident.

Rudolph got his hand on Garrett's helmet first as the players grappled on the ground, but Garrett escalated the brawl after he got back on his feet. The quarterback clearly took issue with that and pulled on Garrett's helmet as the two rolled on the turf. "The helmet strap eventually gave way, but the defensive end didn't drop the quarterback's headgear after removing it from its owner".

Visibly furious Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens insisted the more physical style of play he has introduced this season, demonstrated in a bad-tempered joint practice with Indianapolis Colts in August, had nothing to do with the ugly scenes that overshadowed his side's second straight win.

Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey, who was doing all he could to separate Garrett and Rudolph, was suspended three games without pay and also fined for punching and kicking Garrett.

Prior to Garrett's abhorrent actions, however, his team-mate Damarious Randall was ejected for a ghastly helmet-to-helmet hit on a Steelers receiver. Under no circumstance do we want anything to do with anything like that. Under no circumstances do we want anything to do with anything like that. "I lost my cool and I regret it. that is embarrassing". It's not good. He understands what he did. "We understand the consequences from the league for his actions". The six games alone would make it one of the longest suspensions for on-field incidents in National Football League history. His career was over.

Gurode did not press criminal charges or file a criminal lawsuit on Haynesworth for the 2006 on-field infraction.

The Garrett incident was culmination of an nasty, violent game between AFC North rivals that conjured memories of the Steelers' January 2016 clash with the Cincinnati Bengals that featured a host of violent helmet-to-helmet hits and altercations.

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