Gray's Anatomy season 16: What will happen in episode 8 broadcast tonight?

Grey's Anatomy Brings Back Meredith's Very First Patient to Help Reinstate Her Medical License

Grey's Anatomy's 350th Episode Was an Emotional Trip Down Memory Lane

But no person ought to be questioning Meredith's license because she's "too correct at what she does". His lawyer will tell him not to make gaffes and not to talk during the trial. Meredith also received even more good news.

For their part, Gray Sloan's interns will have to take care of the patients during the doctors' absence. "You were the one who killed your father", he tells one of the panel doctors.

Meanwhile, the medical commission postpones Meredith's hearing.

The opposing side is trying to establish that Meredith is rash and reckless. So, will she try to make him lose his right to practice? Bailey says that although Meredith has gone through so much, she has not made it hard, bad or cold. Claiming that more doctors like her are needed in the world. Everything that has happened to Meredith has improved her.

So a amount of Meredith's peers gallop sooner than the panel of doctors who will seize whether or no longer she can proceed to alter to medication. Instead of admitting Meredith helped him though, Weber says he did it all on his own. She mentioned everything Meredith ever did wrong and she also showed how the hospital protected Meredith. She is brutally honest, but only tells the truth.

During a break in the hearing, Bailey and Richard have it out. "You always choose it". She said it super casually, like he wouldn't be offended by it, and when he called her on it at the end of the episode, it didn't go well. It ended with DeLuca giving her space to figure out what she wants, but this could be the end of Grey Sloan's hottest relationship in years. They brought in patients from her first day to her last day, all with wonderful stories of how Meredith saved them. Cristina, Callie, Arizona, April, and Addison all write letters in support of Meredith.

That's important to DeLuca, and Meredith had nothing she could say in the moment. "Sorry your honor, I have something more to say", Bailey interrupted.

At the end of it all they learn that the doctors voted in favor of Meredith getting to keep her license. Everyone is happy and hugging, it's a big victory for all of them. Pregnancies are plentiful, families may or may not come undone, and the show's main character, after which the series is named, might never be a doctor again after her insurance fraud has landed her in scalding water. She has some time to set things right before the end of the season of course, so Grey's Anatomy fans shouldn't be too anxious that the split between these two is anywhere close to permanent.

DeLuca appears at Meredith's place to speak. They're just not on the same level when it comes to feelings and he asks her to take some time to think about what she really wants. Hopefully this won't be the end of them because they really are an wonderful couple.

Maggie is still dealing with the loss of her cousin. Grey and he thought it was a mistake when he saw the name read Ellis Grey written on her ID bracelet.

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