'Fantastic Adventures' YouTube mom accused of abusing her children has died

Former YouTuber accused of abusing adopted kids has died

Arizona YouTube mother who abused adopted children dies

A famous YouTube mom who allegedly abused her adopted children in the name of her popular videos has died in Arizona while awaiting trial.

Hobson died Tuesday in a Scottsdale hospital, almost three months after a judge declared her incompetent to stand trial. However, behind the camera the 48-year-old was accused of beating the kids, dousing them with pepper spray and locking them in a closet for days without food, water or bathroom access.

Officers who went to Hobson's home said they discovered a child in an unlocked closet wearing only a pull-up diaper, and they described other children in the house as looking pale and underweight with bags under their eyes, according to authorities.

YouTube terminated Hobson's channel, which racked up millions of views, after determining the channel violated its guidelines.

Episodes featured skits about children stealing cookies and a boy with superpowers.

But a March welfare check found the home was a den of abuse.

The Pinal County Attorney's Office said they plan to wait until a death certificate is issued before dismissing the charges against Hobson, FOX10 Phoenix reported.

Hobson had pleaded not guilty to the charges against her before her death, but had been ruled incompetent to stand trial by state and defense doctors in August.

All of Hobson's children were removed from her custody. A family acquaintance said Hobson had a brain aneurysm and had been placed in a care facility, after being released from jail with conditions in early June. "Because of the resolution of this case, these kids don't have to testify, which means they now can begin the healing process, they can move on to the next chapter in their life, and so from that perspective I am happy that the victims can start to move on".

"The only way that we could have proven these charges is these children would have been required to testify under oath in front of the jury, in front of the world".

Hobson's two sons, Ryan and Logan Hackney, were initially implicated and charged with seven counts of "failing to report the abuse of a minor".

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