Sub That 80 Americans Died On Found After 75 Years

US submarine found after 75 years

Sub That 80 Americans Died On Found After 75 Years

The US navy officially verified the discovery on Tuesday after a team dedicated to surveying lost submarines made the find off the coast of Okinawa in June.

To unravel the mystery of the long-lost submarine, Taylor relied on Yutaka Iwasaki, a system engineer who studied the original Japanese military documents and discovered that the Navy's translation of the coordination was wrong.

The USS Grayback left Pearl Harbor on January 28, 1944 for a combat patrol, but was listed as missing two months later. "Knowing their final resting place brings closure, in some part, to their families and shipmates as well as enables our team to better understand the circumstances in which the boat was lost".

A team of ocean explorers confirmed Sunday that the USS Grayback, one of the most successful USA submarines during the war, was discovered about 50 nautical miles south of Okinawa back in June. The new data, along with newly discovered and translated Japanese mission logs, enabled the team to refocus their search on the area southwest of Okinawa.

With the correct information, underwater vehicles and advanced imaging technology, the team discovered the Grayback about 100 miles from the area they first thought it would have sunk.

"It was awesome, the team had resigned to the fact that we're headed back to port and would not complete the total search area this year".

The submarine had been attacked about two weeks earlier and "exploded and sank immediately", according to Japanese reports cited by the Navy.

The Navy did compile a history of the 52 submarines it had lost during WWII with approximate locations of where the vessels sank, according to The New York Times.

"It's vital that we remember [the sailors], and that they feel that they haven't been forgotten", Dennison said.

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