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The rumoured 16-inch Apple Mac Book Pro could arrive as early as this week Report

The 16-inch Mac Book Pro is expected to feature a keyboard that isn't defective

The laptop features a 16-inch display with smaller bezels than the 15.4-inch model that preceded it, featuring a 3072 x 1920 native resolution.

So, really, you don't have much of a choice if you want a larger MacBook Pro-not unless you go third-party or refurb, which isn't actually the worst idea in the world if you can find a good deal (and don't mind that keyboard).

Sarcasm aside, this shows Apple has been listening to developers, who've often got no option to reassign another key, and prefer the feedback they get with a physical key to the fiddly touchscreen response. But the real story is the scissor system underneath the keys.

If you were hoping for the return of legacy ports like USB-A, Ethernet, or an SD card reader, you're out of luck.

That starting price of $2,399 is now already up to $3,699. Let's take a look at what the upgrades cost. What's more, its Retina display is the largest yet seen on a notebook.

Orders are shipping now, and the new notebook should be available in Apple Stores from today.

The new Mac Pro will come in a starting configuration that carries an octa-core Intel Xeon W processor with a boost clock of up to 4.0 GHz, 32 GB of memory and AMD Radeon Pro 580X graphics. RAM starts at 8GB and is configurable up to 16GB. If you're just after a MacBook Pro as your daily driver, you should have no worries on the performance front.

You can have up to 64GB of RAM and an insane 8TB of SSD storage (the highest capacity in a laptop yet).

That keyboard is not covered by Apple's Keyboard Service Program for MacBook. It also starts at the same price of $2,399. The graphics are particularly interesting, as Apple is calling these GPUs "the first 7nm mobile discrete GPUs for pro users". The new cooling solution can handle 12W higher TDP to accommodate the new CPU and GPU.

Is the "inverted-T" back?

Making a judgement call on a device like the MacBook Pro based on a short hands-on opportunity is hard. However, even based on our short time with the new MacBook Pro, we're impressed. Everything about it is better, including the screen, the internals, and most importantly, the keyboard. Apple really has been listening to the complaints from its customers, and it's easy to tell here. You might not have to worry about Apple using this as an opportunity for a price hike.

Apple's new 16-inch MacBook Pro will be replacing the company's 15-inch MacBook Pro, and it comes with some key improvements to the MacBook Pro hardware.

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