Drake Booed Off Stage at Camp Flog Gnaw After Making Surprise Appearance

Drake performs on stage in Toronto Canada Drake in Concert-, Toronto Canada

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Or in Drake's case, when you get booed off stage during a music festival, you brush it off and make a joke about it instead.

"I'm here for you tonight". But, this time things didn't go according to the plan when it was revealed that Drake is Sunday's special guest and the artist promised by Tyler isn't going to show up. "Thank y'all for having me", he reacted before exiting the stage. And so Drake took his leave, 20 minutes before his set should have finished.

Drake's negative crowd reaction can be attributed to fans wanting to see another performer affiliated with Tyler, the Creator - Frank Ocean. Drake spoke to DJ Akademiks, telling him it was "a moment of humility which is always welcomed" and it just "wasn't (his night)" and he "wasn't who they wanted to see".

Drake cut his set short at Tyler, The Creator's Camp Flog Gnaw festival on Sunday night (November 10, 2019), after being confronted by loud boos from an angry audience.

After the jeering took place, Tyler The Creator took to his Twitter account to express his disappointment with people in the audience, stating that their behavior was both "entitled" and "trash".

This year, Camp Flog Gnaw advertised itself as being headlined by a secret guest. The lukewarm reception that he got from the fans made him decide to stop his performance and simply leave.

Taking to Twitter, the 28-year-feeble shared a series of irate tweets alongside with his 8.3million followers, fuming: 'I believed bringing one of many supreme artist on the fking planet to a track festival became once fireplace! "Some created a narrative in their head and acted out like assholes when it didn't come true", he wrote in an all-caps tweet.

He was then met with boos from the crowd as well as a ton of "no's", to which he responded, "It's been love". Drake, who has been a good sport was not bothered about the awkward situation, thanked everyone who was present there.

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