More cold is ahead, and snow is possible in Boston this week

Cold front to bring arctic air, possible flakes Tuesday

Accumulating snow expected for Veteran's Day

Areas to the south ahead of the warmer air mass will be dealing with an initially cold rain and some sort of mix.

Snow and freezing drizzle have left us with roads covered with snow and ice Sunday. The lake effect continues for most of Michiana, thanks to a constant NNW wind, Monday afternoon throughout Tuesday, with the bands breaking up Tuesday night. Snow showers will end by noon.

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with L.E. snow showers. Wind chills range anywhere from 8-15 degrees most of the day. Highs in the upper teens to around 20s. This will coincide with the morning commute as well.

Low temperatures will break records across eastern Iowa Monday night, O'Mara said. As temperatures drop below freezing, rain will transition into a wintery mix and then into snow.

The high temperature of about 48 degrees is expected to come early in the day Tuesday as temperatures begin to slide to about 21 degrees overnight with gusty winds and a chance of snow accumulating in the city, the weather service said. There might be a few slick spots for the evening rush hour, depending on how much snow fell. Snow squalls will set up by early morning Tuesday and could last into Wednesday morning. "Meanwhile, another 2"-3" will arrive during the morning, so totals of 4" - 6" inches are possible by Monday afternoon. This has kept overnight lows not as bitterly cold and will allow temperatures today to get to the mid 40s.

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