Iran breaches nuclear deal with enrichment push, says United Nations watchdog

Iran president: State firm found new oilfield with 53 billion barrels of crude

Iran says new oil field with 53 billion barrels discovered

Israel has accused Iran of conducting atomic activities at an undeclared site on the outskirts of Tehran. But inspectors are believed to have taken samples from a location in Tehran's Turquzabad district.

The announcement comes days after Iran announced it would begin enriching uranium, marking another breach of the 2015 nuclear deal, Deutsche Welle reported.

Some 53 billion barrels would be added to Iran's proven reserves of roughly 150 billion, he said.

In its report, the IAEA also confirmed that the centrifuges are at work at Iran's Fordo facility - an underground site ringed by anti-aircraft guns - and that enrichment of uranium has been going on there since Saturday.

"I believe (that) in total, 5.5 kilograms is the daily volume of uranium enrichment in Natanz and Fordo", Salehi told the AP, mentioning Iran's other nuclear facility at Natanz.

Describing a cut in Iran's reliance on the export of oil as an opportunity, the Leader said such an opportunity will be used for further reliance on internal capabilities.

Iran has struggled to sell its oil since US President Donald Trump withdrew from a landmark 2015 nuclear deal previous year and reimposed unilateral sanctions.

At talks in Brussels on Monday, European Union foreign ministers affirmed their support for the nuclear deal with Iran. The other countries who were part of the deal - Britain, China, France, Germany and Russian Federation - have all remained part of the pact.

France, Britain and Germany also called on Iran to comply fully with the global atomic watchdog after one of its inspectors was detained in October.

Mr Trump wants to force Iran to negotiate a new agreement that would place indefinite curbs on its nuclear programme and also halt its development of ballistic missiles.

The rate at which Iran is producing enriched uranium has also increased, from 70-80 kg a month to around 100 kg a month now and still accelerating, a senior diplomat said.

Since the United States pulled out of the Iran nuclear pact previous year and imposed sanctions, Iran has been slowly violating its provisions to pressure other nations to provide more incentives.

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