Emilia Clarke is the best reason to go-go to 'Last Christmas'

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke at ‘Last Christmas’ premiere | Getty Images Roy Rochlin

First of all, the London-set film joins Brexit into the plot, with Kate's Yugoslavian guardians having emigrated to the United Kingdom, and her mom uncertain of hostile to foreigner notion crawling into the nation.

She also attended a photocall for the film in German on October 22, where she wore a light blue jumpsuit, which featured long sleeves and an off the shoulder neckline. "I'm like, 'What are you doing?' 'Shopping for a boyfriend.' 'OK cool.' If I wasn't in the job I'm in, then I definitely would do it, 100 per cent".

He told Yahoo Movies UK: "I just have to laugh". The actress completed her look with her hair parted down the middle and swept behind her shoulders, along with a pop of stunning red lipstick. She works at that Christmas shop owned by Santa (Michelle Yeoh, who is not at all the picture of what that name typically conjures, but go with it), a gaudy, tacky place that manages to keep the lights on by selling the silliest holiday junk one can imagine. Golding, who was the consummate leading man in 2018's "Crazy Rich Asians", appears vastly more one-dimensional here, giving a stiff performance composed of greeting card-worthy aphorisms and canned wistful gazes. Kate's mother Petra (Emma Thompson), however, is fully immersed in the old ways: she sings dreary folks songs and seems genuinely perplexed when a doctor suggests she reconnect with friends: "All my friends are dead", she announces.

Last Christmas is rated PG-13, and opens in theaters everywhere on Friday, Nov. 8.

Very sadly realizing that Tom won't commit to their relationship, Kate has to walk away but he has changed her. She's recovering from a near-death experience, she tells Tom, and she hasn't felt like her sunny self since she "came back".

Inspired by the Wham! hit "Last Christmas", the film of the same name follows the story of Kate (Emilia Clarke), an aspiring singer and apathetic employee of a year-round Christmas store. Those drawn to "Last Christmas" by the infectious lilt of the Wham! classic and the appeal of seeing Clarke newly freed from "Game of Thrones" will encounter a holiday fable that slyly inverts numerous usual trappings of the romantic comedy - so much so that's it's neither particularly amusing nor especially romantic.

Clarke and Henry Golding make a nice romantic couple and you do feel some chemistry.

In an attempt to be timely, Last Christmas also shoved commentary on Brexit, and immigration into various scenes. It would make a fine date movie or a trip to the Cineplex with your besties. Clark was one of the movie's very few bright spots.

Last Christmas is in cinemas across Australia now, so you can decide for yourself: Fave or flop?

However, a chance encounter with a charming (and gorgeous) stranger Tom (Henry Golding), begins to shift her perspective slowly. Imagine if Will Ferrell's "Elf" was having a "Bad Santa" day and you'll get a sense of Kate's downward spiraling lifestyle: dragging a rolling suitcase from couch to couch, drinking alone in pubs, drowning her sorrows in full pints and one-night stands.

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