Two people found dead and 100 homes destroyed in Australian bushfires

Australian bushfires intensify, residents told to leave

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It is the second rotation of Tasmanian firefighters that have been sent to New South Wales, with 25 travelling interstate last week. A third person is confirmed to have died after a body was found in a burnt-out building at Johns River, north of Taree.

New South Wales prime minister Gladys Berejiklian also said seven people were unaccounted for, as firefighters tried to contain dozens of out-of-control blazes that have raged in the state since yesterday.

Mr Morrison on Saturday said Australian Defence Force reservists could be deployed "if necessary" as emergency services battle some 80 blazes from the mid-north coast to the Queensland border.

A man was discovered inside a burnt out auto this morning at the Kangawalla fire, near Glen Innes in NSW, while Vivian Chaplain died in hospital after being found overnight with severe burns.

Ms Colligan's home was consumed by flames late Friday, leaving her and her newborn homeless.

Fire officials say there were almost 100 active fires in New South Wales on Friday, with dozens reaching "out of control" status.

Towns, including Port Macquarie and Grafton, were bathed in an eerie red as the huge fires threatened homes.

On Friday, Harwood made a desperate plea on social media for someone to come to Chaplain's rescue.

"It used to be God's country, but it ain't any more", said another neighbour, 72-year-old Dave Scott.

Thousands of people were forced to leave their homes, while bridges, schools and power lines were destroyed.

At least 150 homes had been destroyed since Friday, and damage assessment teams had yet to reach some devastated areas, a Rural Fire Service statement said.

On Queensland's Sunshine Coast, police ordered the total evacuation of Tewantin, a suburb of 4,565 people, before scaling back the order.

One fire near Hillville is listed at the emergency warning level, having already burned more than 41,000 acres.

RFS deputy commissioner Rob Rogers said firefighters dealt with "horrific" and "traumatic" scenes including helping residents suffering burns and heart attacks.

The Insurance Council of Australia declared the wildfire crisis a "catastrophe", meaning insurance claims will be given priority.

"Scary stuff", says Australian Matt Hope after flying above the NSW bushfires. "I think a lot of people are just because of having to monitor throughout the night".

Peter Lean spent the night on the roof of his house in the town of Wallabi Point, using a garden hose to extinguish burning embers carried by strong winds.

I've never seen anything like this.

Three fires were still burning at an emergency level in the early hours of the day, and at the height of the disaster, a record 17 fires were given that classification.

"The wind changed and we got a text message alert saying the fire had jumped to our side".

Even if the fires are managed for the rest of the year, Fitzsimmons said Australia still had the summer months ahead, bringing major heat waves, dry winds and the worst of their fire conditions.

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