OU debuts at No. 9 in first CFP rankings

Alabama Crimson TIde head coach Nick Saban

Alabama Crimson TIde head coach Nick Saban

Ohio State, LSU, Alabama and Penn State were the top four teams Tuesday night in the College Football Playoff selection committee's first rankings of the season. The Tigers did have an unafraid little bit of nonconference scheduling with the SEC's Texas A&M, which they beat, 24-10, at residence, however the Aggies (6-Three) rode their brutal schedule into an area someplace under the record.

The College Football Playoff committee has released its first rankings and OR is No. 7. Clemson held on for a 21-20 victory over the Tar Heels in late September but has won every other game by at least two touchdowns.

This is the first time Ohio State has been ranked in the top spot of the playoff rankings.

"Penn State's been very consistent", CFP chair Rob Mullens said on ESPN while highlighting the Lions' marquee wins over Iowa and MI while praising the team's defense. The committee commented on why the Bulldogs were the highest one-loss team: the strength of their schedule and their ranked wins over Notre Dame and Florida.

"We had a lengthy discussion about Penn State and Clemson, two really, really good teams, both strong defensively". They have made the playoff the past four years but aren't being given much credit for their historical run from the selection committee. Oregon's saving grace could be a possible Top 10 showdown with No. 8 Utah in the Pac-12 Championship Game.

"I think it's for the fans", Ohio State coach Ryan Day told reporters Tuesday, before the rankings were announced.

That opens the door for Clemson, mediocre ACC and all.

Baylor and Minnesota are the only other undefeated teams in the field.

And then there is the debate over the top four.

None of Clemson's victims to this point wound up ranked, and it grew to become certainly one of exclusively two groups from the questioned ACC to make the record, the opposite being No. 19 Wake Forest (7-1). Considering Clemson won the National Championship last season, some find it shocking they aren't cracking a berth right now.

Granted, all of this will change once LSU and Alabama play this weekend.

However, it's hard to deny what Penn State has done at this point.

The Lions were No. 5 in the final CFP rankings at the end of the 2016 regular season, missing out on the final playoff spot to Washington.

Clemson at SC. That is also the reason why his teams always end the season strongly, and why Clemson is the victor of four consecutive ACC championships: his teams reach their peak at the ideal time of the season, from the starters to the third.

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