Megyn Kelly Joins Instagram And Launches YouTube Channel With Shocking Exclusive Interview

Megyn Kelly in a blue shirt


Marking his "MK, quot; channel, Kelly launched his new company by publishing an exclusive interview with 25-year-old Ashley Bianco, the Emmy-winning producer who was sacked this week after Amy Robach's video was leaked complaining that ABC He had killed Jeffrey Epstein". Bianco added that she had never heard of Project Veritas - which is the right-wing activist group that actually posted the hot mic video - until the story broke and she was sacked.

"She told me everything". But, instead of signing a large multi-year contract worth millions with another network, the former host of Fox News and NBC is going rogue with her own YouTube channel.

Megyn Kelly has started her comeback.

Three weeks after she dipped her toe into the proverbial television waters with an interview on Fox News, Megyn Kelly is returning to the spotlight for good. I genuinely can't thank everyone enough for what you have performed for me, it has been an unbelievable a few a long time and I'll miss out on you all so significantly. "I gathered fun anchor reels out of camera doing fun things to use later in the program". She also alleged that Epstein may have been murdered.

She says she never came back and watched the video, and that she never thought about it again after that day. "This is a stupid story.'" Robach continued. And, even though she was the producer who "clipped" the video for her job, she never downloaded it, emailed it, or did anything with the clip after the day it was recorded, which was August 19th. It was leaked to Undertaking Veritas who posted the video clip on Tuesday. "I may have accessed it, but I never leaked it, I never showed it to anyone", Bianco said.

She added that she had never even heard of Project Veritas or its leader, James O'Keefe, before this situation. Robach is observed stating, "We were being so afraid we weren't be able to interview Kate and Will that we ... quashed the tale ..."

The leaked footage captured Robach on a hot mic voicing her frustrations that she had the scoop on Epstein three years ago, but ABC would not air the segment because it did not meet their editorial standards. But their primary point, especially given the apparent factual problems with the accuser she had interviewed (Epstein associate Alan Dershowitz, a Trump friend that right-wingers are now essentially implicating here, tweeted support for ABC's decision last night), seems to be both valid and important.

"The assistant said to us that she knew she was on a hot mic and she was being broadcast to all the affiliates".

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