Demi Moore opens up about 'addiction' to Ashton Kutcher

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Tallulah Willis is opening up about her relationship with her mother, Demi Moore. "So much of that time, especially with Ashton, I was so angry because I felt like something that was mine had been taken away", Rumer said, while Tallulah added, "Watching the behavior with Ashton those years, because everyone left the house and it was just me living there, and I felt very forgotten". "I think she was this larger than life being, and she was - I mean, I'm completely obsessed with her".

"I felt like my mom made a choice to hold back certain things, like sharing about her past, and I think it always made me feel very far away from her", Tallulah said after revealing that in reading her mom's book, she learned that they had more things in common than she previously realized. I, of course, lived the majority of my adult life sober.

As Jada and Demi comfort Rumer, noting that it's normal to have feelings of anger, Demi says that she didn't think it was her attempts at pregnancy that tore her daughters - who also include Scout, 28 - away.

"I wanted to be that girl", Moore said. "I made my own story up that [Ashton] wanted somebody that he could have wine with and do stuff with". The 56-year-old recalls a very specific time where she had an adverse reaction to drugs and suffered a seizure, prompting Rumer, who was 23 at the time, to spring into action to save her life.

"I'll say that, but in addition, I feel that may be a by-product of - and I'm not saying this in a blaming method - however I additionally assume that's a by-product of you not essentially being weak in entrance of us", Rumer identified. If she wasn't sober, they would tell us she was. I wanted to be something other than who I am. "I remember there was just the anxiety that would come up in my body when I could sense her eyes shutting a little more or the way she was speaking or she would be a lot more affectionate with me if she wasn't sober", she adds.

"It's just like the solar went down and like, a monster got here", Tallulah mentioned of the instances Demi would drink. "And it was literally like giving my power away".

Tallulah said her father, "Die Hard" franchise star Bruce Willis, "didn't understand that once a child graduates from high school, you still have to take care of them". She revealed that the miscarriage made her lose sight of everything she had at that tim - her daughters and family included. "It was not the mom that we had grown up with".

"I really try to encourage people, no matter what they've gone through, to find that loving for their parent, or their partner, whatever it might be", Moore concludes.

Recalling her own childhood, Moore made the decision not to do the same to her daughters, and with their support, dedicated herself to recovery.

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