Beshear scoffs at Trump visit for Bevin

Matt Bevin and Donald Trump

President Donald Trump with Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin at Louisville International Airport in Louisville Ky. on Aug. 21. | Susan Walsh AP

Republican Gov. Matt Bevin basked in the campaign finale he craved Monday evening, receiving a ringing endorsement from President Donald Trump hours before voters settle Kentucky's closely watched governor's race between Bevin and Democrat Andy Beshear.

The whistleblower complaint sparked the impeachment inquiry into President Trump's call with the president of Ukraine.

President Trump is campaigning there Monday for the incumbent, Matt Bevin, who's facing a very tight race on Tuesday against Democrat Andy Beshear, the state's attorney general.

The whistleblower's attorney told CBS News last week that his client would be willing to answer written questions directly from Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee - without having them approved by the committee's Democratic majority.

"We are sending a signal to the rest of the country, to the rest of the world what the Republican party stands for", said Trump.

Notably, Trump has avoided Virginia, where Democrats found success in suburban swing districts in last year's congressional elections.

In Kentucky and MS, where Trump won easily in 2016 and remains relatively popular, the Republican candidates have nationalized the races as much as possible by tying themselves to the president.

"People try to distract us with national issues and get us thinking about things other than our well-being", Beshear said in a Monday radio interview on WKDZ.

In Mississippi, where Governor Phil Bryant, a Republican, is barred by term limits from running again, Reeves holds a small edge in polls over Hood, a moderate Democrat who opposes abortion and favors gun rights.

USA whistleblower laws exist to protect the identities and careers of people who bring forward accusations of wrongdoing by government officials. "I say tonight to the media, do your job and print his name", said Paul, reports USA Today.

"The whistleblower needs to come before Congress as a material witness", said Paul. Trump called for the whistleblower to testify publicly earlier Monday.

Beshear, the state's attorney general, spent the day campaigning in western Kentucky. The governor called for a crackdown on illegal immigration and a ban on "sanctuary cities".

Beshear accused Bevin of dividing people, pointing to the governor's feud with teachers who opposed his pension and education proposals.

"This race isn't about what's going on in the White House, it's about what's going on in each and every home across Kentucky", Beshear said.

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