Microsoft Edge: Check Out the Web Browser's New Logo

Microsoft's new Edge logo erases bad memories of Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge: Check Out the Web Browser's New Logo

Microsoft has just revealed a new Edge browser logo that looks somewhat different from Internet Explorer, but has a lot of similarity with Mozilla Firefox.

It's still an "E", sort of, but the updated icon is a long way from the Internet Explorer-esque logo that the original Microsoft Edge is using.

Microsoft Edge browser is on a refresh mode since the Redmond-based software giant has rolled out a new logo for the browser. As you can tell, it is a highly stylized letter "e" for Edge that is shaped into a cresting wave although there are still the slightest hints back to the original IE browser retained, no doubt, for a little nostalgia. The mini game itself was also part of an elaborate Easter egg hunt, according to The Verge. This reveal which words needed to be pulled from a video for the final instructions to discover the secret surfing game (edge://surf/) and the new logo when you complete it. The company has introduced a new logo for the Edge browser.

The update to Edge comes at a time when Microsoft is making efforts to regain share in the desktop browser segment, now dominated by Google Chrome. The main objective of the Microsoft Edge browser is to tap the market share on non-Windows devices and also to compete with Vivaldi and Opera. The message is clear: Microsoft is breaking with the past with this new version. New technology, new logo.

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