Heidi Klum's 2019 Halloween Costume - An Alien Who Attacked Tom Kaulitz's Astronaut!

Michael Kovac—Getty Images for Casamigos

Michael Kovac—Getty Images for Casamigos

Her incredible makeup in 2013 really made her old woman costume look authentic!

While Heidi may be the reigning Queen of Halloween for the last two decades, she's not the only one getting into the spooky spirit, with celebs like Kim Kardashian, Cardi B and Ariana Grande doing their takes on famous characters from film and TV. The supermodel, who hosts a star-studded party every year, always has one of the most extravagant Halloween costumes.

The process of creating and putting on the costume apparently took several hours, with Heidi documenting these efforts on her social media. Now getting ready in the window of Amazon Books on 34th Street, Klum is already drawing a crowd thanks to the ongoing steps of her metamorphosis. On the red carpet, she hissed and clawed at cameras, showing off her costume's organ-like prosthetics, stitching and wires.

"So I found her and I brought her back, because I thought she might have some useful information for us".

She announced it ahead of time to Entertainment Tonight, saying: "This year is my 20th anniversary of my Halloween party, so I thought it would be fun for people to watch live when I get ready". Joined by her full glam squad and a team from Amazon Prime Video, she began the process hours ago, moving from simple tweaks, like having her hair pinned down, to being helped into an intricate latex jumpsuit.

Her husband Tom Kaulitz also got into the spirit, dressed as an astronaut covered in blood. Both arrived to her party in a biohazard truck, natch.Her previous costumes include: Michael Jackson, Jessica Rabbit, an elderly woman (complete with varicose veins), a skinless woman, an ape, a robot, the list goes on.

We don't think anybody could ever top this.

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