China Launches World’s Largest 5G Mobile Network

China is expected to be a front-runner in the adoption of 5G services with over 170 million 5G subscribers by next year

China rolls out 5G services in race to narrow tech gap

State-owned carriers China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom unveiled their 5G data plans on Thursday.

South Korea is the largest 5G subscriber market so far, but thanks to the sheer size of the Chinese market, even with lower penetration China is expected to overtake South Korea and the USA to become the world's largest 5G market.

The fifth-generation of mobile internet connectivity (5G) promises much faster data download and upload speeds, wider coverage and more stable connections.

"The commercial launch of 5G is an ideal opportunity to quicken the steps to infrastructure development, including AI and IoT", said Chen Zhaoxiong, the vice minister of MIIT, as was reported by Xinhua, one of China's major official propaganda outlets.

China's three major state-run telecom operators have unveiled their 5G network, as the country aims at becoming the global leader in next generation telecom technology surpassing the USA and other western nations.

For instance, China Unicom prices the data plan which allows peak speed of 500Mbps at 199 yuan.

The initial 5G services will be available in about 50 Chinese cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, as well as second-tier provincial capital cities like Nanjing and Wuhan, according to local reports.

The launch of 5G by Chinese carriers is a step slow in comparison to local smartphone brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi, as they have already introduced several phone models over the past few months that can support 5G networks.

Beijing, which is embroiled in a trade and technology war with Washington, is hoping to woo India and other countries with its telecom technology.

The Indian government has allowed Huawei to take part in the 5G trials during the India Mobile Congress held last month in New Delhi. Huawei, which has been at the center of the trade war between the two countries, played a major role in the network's deployment as the nation's major carriers awarded almost half of their 5G networking contracts to the company.

Despite the success of 5G networks at home, Chinese telecom equipment giants have faced regulatory push back overseas.

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