Samsung Unveils New Concept for a Folding Phone

Breaking: Samsung teases a new vertically folding Galaxy Fold

Samsung OneUI 2.0 Promises Less Clutter on Your Galaxy Phone

All we know is that device would fold in the middle like a clamshell, sort of like the Moto Razr.

In a separate post by Max, he also shows lines of code suggesting that the Galaxy S11 will feature 3D Face Unlock, which is not new, but it helps paint a better picture of the device.

There's no word on the hardware of the phone or when or if it would be available as a market-ready device. Also, the fact that Google built support for 3D recognition right into Android should come in handy to Samsung and other vendors. It was the first time the foldable phone was shown. The Korean tech tycoon set the standards high for competition by taking the wraps off the world's first-ever 5G smartphone. After months of delay, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was finally released and it is now sold in Malaysia for RM8,388.

In the below video (also found here), the prototype handset folds out into a tablet sized device, much like the Galaxy Fold smartphone that was finally launched in September. All three devices are set to launch in India next month and are powered by the same Exynos 9820 processor.

Interestingly, the latest upgrade comes only days after Samsung released the October 2019 security patch for its smartphones. It sports triple rear cameras along with a single front camera.

Samsung Galaxy S10 has recently received the Android 10 beta program topped by One UI 2.0. The smartphone is priced at Dollars $899.99. Now when you get a notification when watching a video or engaging in some other full-screen activity, that notification won't take up a large chunk of your phone's display. The reported design will feature a 6.7-inch display that can be folded vertically. It is expected to be priced at Dollars 999.99. It's not real-just a concept foldable phone.

One UI introduced a dark mode a year ago, before Android 10 made it a system-wide feature.

This wasn't a formal announcement of a new Galaxy Fold 2 or a Galaxy Fold Square.

The battery capacity of the Galaxy Fold was 4,380mAh for both the batteries combined. However, this time the two batteries won't be of the same size and capacity.

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