Pressure mounts on Facebook amid political ad controversy

Facebook employees sign letter opposing political ads policy

Hundreds of Facebook employees send letter to Zuckerberg asking for changes to political ads policy

In Silicon Valley, over 250 employees of Facebook have signed a letter calling on CEO Mark Zuckerberg to reverse a policy that allows politicians to post false and misleading advertisements.

In the letter, sent through the company's internal forum, they recommend at least six possible ways forward that would fix the loophole-ridden policy and prevent politicians from weaponizing the platform by "targeting people who believe that content posted by political figures is trustworthy".

"Misinformation affects us all", they wrote. The whole point of his campaign, he said, is to expose the problems with Facebook's policy not to fact check ads placed by politicians.

The worker letter follows widespread criticism of Facebook's advertising policy, such as from Sen.

Contacted by CNN Business, Facebook did not immediately have any comment on Hampton's run.

In a letter to Sir Nick, Mr Collins asked why Facebook made a decision to change its policy, "given the heavy constraints this will place on Facebook's ability to combat online disinformation in the run-up to elections around the world".

On Monday night, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee Sen.

According to an internal letter obtained by the New York Times on Monday, 250 Facebook employees are now petitioning Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to change the company's divisive rules on political advertising that allow politicians to lie without risk of censure from the social network.

Facebook's stance on political advertising has caused significant controversy in the run up to the 2020 presidential elections.

"The genesis of this campaign is social media regulation and to ensure there is not an exemption in fact-checking specifically for politicians like Donald Trump who like to lie online", he told CNN Business.

With access to voter registration rolls and Facebook's targeting tools, politicians can silo conversations with greater effect than ever before.

A group of employees has signed an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg urging the social network to increase scrutiny of political advertising. "Mark Zuckerberg should listen to them-and I applaud their fearless efforts to hold their own company accountable". Facebook could improve things even further if it observed election silence periods to allow voters to reflect on events before casting their votes.

One big concern not just for Facebook employees but for everybody that uses the platform is how politicians can target voters.

Hampton is the treasurer of 'The Really Online Lefty League' PAC, which last Thursday began running a false ad on Facebook claiming that Senator Lindsey Graham backed the Green New Deal.

"I think social media is incredibly powerful", he said.

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