(Update) EA games may be making their return to the Steam platform

Electronic Arts games and EA Access coming to Steam, starting with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

EA and Valve's partnership includes connecting Steam and Origin friend lists

Electronic Arts will follow Jedi: Fallen Order with games like The Sims 4, Unravel 2, Apex Legends, FIFA 20, and Battlefield 5. EA's subscription service provides early access to new titles as well as a vast library of previous games for users to enjoy.

Additionally, the publisher will be bringing EA Access to Valve's customers as well.

EA was one of many companies to create its own game marketplace, subscription platform and launcher to compete with Steam. The wait should be worth it, though, because EA said that Origin and Steam players will be able to play those games with each other. That will no longer be the case anymore, as EA and Valve are teaming up to see the former's game titles return to Steam. "We understand it. We have heard, we have made some changes already in terms of how we do things, and we're looking at more changes that we'll talk about over the coming months that really are gamer-focused".

Not an Epic moveEA's return to Steam takes on added significance today, as Valve faces perhaps its most serious large-scale competition yet from the Epic Games Store.

Speaking about the move, Valve founder Gabe Newell said: "This is a good day for gamers, we're excited to partner with EA to not only bring their great games and subscription service to Steam, but also to open up our communities to each other in an unprecedented way that will benefit players and developers around the world". "EA Access is the first and only gaming subscription service available on Steam, and the fourth platform featuring an EA subscription". As the Steam page for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order specifies, "EA on-line activation and Origin client software installation and background use" will be required to play it. You can preorder it on Steam now.

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