In Chicago, Trump calls city an embarrassment to the US

Donald Trump

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Johnson made a decision to boycott the event stating the values of the people of Chicago were more important than anything Trump had to say. Controversy preceded Trump's visit when Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson publicly declared that he would boycott the president's speech.

"After all I've done, and I've done more than any other president. The people of this country know it and the people of this country love you", he told the attendees, assuring them that he will be their "greatest and most loyal champion".

Stelter said he didn't know much about what was in the executive order but said he appreciated that Trump chose the police chiefs conference in Chicago to sign the order.

"There is one person that's not here today - we're in Chicago", Trump continued.

"I'm not a disgrace to my Mexican roots", Medina said.

"I want Eddie Johnson to change his values, and change them fast", Trump said. He berated the city of Chicago on its stand towards immigrants. The city has branded itself a sanctuary city and pledged not to cooperate with federal immigration officials.

People protesting against Trump held up the word "Resist" in rainbow-coloured letters alongside the Trump towers in the background.

Afterward, the president attended a fundraising luncheon at his Chicago hotel before returning to the White House.

Trump has long used the city of Chicago - which voted overwhelmingly against him in 2016 - as a foil when arguing for law enforcement reforms and tougher policing. Monday marked the president's first visit to the city as president.

Most of the gun violence occurs in a handful of low-income, predominantly African American neighborhoods on the city's South and West sides.

The details of the initiative aren't clear yet, though Trump said, "We're going to be doing something that's very dramatic".

The president is technically right: Federal Bureau of Investigation stats show overall violent crime in Chicago is down eight percent, not 10 percent. "It's a crime, a hate crime", Trump said at the event on Monday.

Trump called out Chicago and Illinois' sanctuary status for illegal immigrants. There have been 436 people killed in the city in 2019 as of Sunday, 46 fewer than at the same point the previous year, according to data compiled by the Chicago Tribune.

Trump also criticized "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett, who earlier this year said he was attacked by people who supported the president.

The Chicago native said her students are negatively impacted by Trump's rhetoric.

"Let's call it The Surge". Retired suburban teacher Claudia Feeney, 68, said Trump should be impeached.

It will also provide recommendations on how to recruit, train, hire, and "provide for health, safety, and the well-being of law enforcement officers".

Chicago has had its own issues with community-police relations.

Van Dyke was later convicted of murder in the case, and multiple officers have been fired for their alleged roles in covering up the circumstances of McDonald's death.

The ACLU of IL said Trump's policing strategy won't yield results.

"It was a tremendous weekend for our country". "We are here to change hearts and minds", said Pastor Emma Lozano. "He was a sick and depraved man and now he's dead".

Trump began his speech by touting the extra-legal state killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi over the weekend, boasting that al-Baghdadi was now "dead as a doornail".

At one point during the protest, tensions rose between anti-Trump protestors and a group of several Trump supporters who attended. "When you get a president of the United States that's willing to do that".

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