Trump wants deal with XOM, or others to tap Syrian oil

Syrian government forces deploy near the town of Tal Tamr in northern Syria

Syrian government forces deploy near the town of Tal Tamr in northern Syria

Syrian Democratic Forces fighters and a KRG border official confirmed the U.S. military crossing earlier in the day. Frank McKenzie, the head of U.S. Central Command, was working with a number of options, among them sending tanks to the region, deploying forces pulled from an armored brigade.

Trumps comments followed media points that the Army was considering bringing in part of a tank brigade, as well as a USA official's claim that as many as 100 ISIS fighters had escaped from custody during the Turkish invasion.

"Otherwise all of the other forces are meant to be returned home", Esper said at a press conference in Brussels on Friday.

Some 200 USA troops are now stationed there.

His comments came after President Donald Trump earlier this month pulled some 1,000 United States military personnel out of northeast Syria, a move that prompted Turkey to launch a cross-border incursion targeting the Kurdish YPG, a former USA ally against ISIS. That withdrawal is proceeding even as Esper announced the plan to put reinforcements in the oil-producing area.

The US president vowed to get the United States out of "endless" wars - with Russian Federation filling the void - and said that US troops were not there to protect the Kurdish fighters, whom Turkey links to separatists at home.

Given that the cost of one barrel of oil smuggled from Syria is 38 USA dollars, the monthly revenue of the "private business" of US public services exceeds 30 million dollars, he said.

Some 200 U.S. troops are now stationed there.

"International law seeks to protect against exactly this sort of exploitation", said the director of the Emory Law School's Center for global and Comparative Law, Laurie Blank. And we may have to fight for the oil.

The Russian military spokesman also said Al-Baghdadi's death "has absolutely no operational significance on the situation in Syria or on the actions of the remaining terrorists in Idlib".

"We are now very concerned about certain developments in the south, in the Deir el-Zour area", Jeffrey said.

Trump spurred a fresh wave of condemnation when he tweeted Thursday that he had spoken with Syrian Kurdish military chief Mazloum Abdi and said that perhaps "it is time for Kurds to start heading to the Oil Region". "We think it is under control now". The Syrian state information company SANA mentioned troops have entered the area of Ras al-Ayn, deploying to eight villages alongside the freeway and up close to the Syrian-Turkish border. Syrian Democratic Forces fighters and a KRG border...

Video footage from the region showed USA military convoys re-entering Syria, days after Donald Trump had ordered them out in advance of a Turkish invasion.

"The Oil Fields discussed in my speech on Turkey/Kurds yesterday were held by ISIS until the United States took them over with the help of the Kurds".

"Oil is secured", Trump tweeted Friday.

'Our soldiers have left and are leaving Syria for other places, then. "We are still committed to the counter ISIS campaign", Gen. Milley said.

"If the terrorists are not cleared at the end of the 150 hours, we will take control and clean it ourselves", Erdogan said during a speech in Istanbul, referring to the YPG-led SDF. "That mission remains unchanged", he said.

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