Chance the Rapper takes over SNL

Jason Momoa et al. standing in a room

Saturday Night Live: Jason Momoa shocks in surprise cameo as a gigolo

Chance The Rapper was all over Saturday Night Live last night as the performer pulled double duty as both host and musical guest.

From Chris Redd's wild hair to Alex Moffat's creepy puppet, Chance's Judge Barry wasn't having it with any of these unacceptable court appearances. "So I understand the law".

Jason Momoa recently had a surprise cameo on SNL for a segment where he appeared alongside episode host Chance the Rapper. The sketch became truly absurd when Momoa flubbed his lines - he was supposed to say "I'm also a certified paralegal" but accidentally read the cue card as reading "I'm a certified paraplegic".

"To the teachers in Chicago, I know you guys are on strike right now". Momoa responded by ripping open his cheetah print coat and revealing the earrings were pierced through his nipples, commencing to shimmy to make the earrings spin.

Judge Barry instantly declared Momoa's character guilty for his crime as the skit came to an end. "They were a gift".

Meanwhile, as of Saturday night, the two sides announced that they are still "millions of dollars apart" in negotiations, making it unlikely that classes will resume on Monday. Love u cast and crew forever so stoked to be invited back.

Much like his previous skit, Chance The Rapper played Holmes, an National Basketball Association reporter thrust into coverage of a sport he knows nothing about.

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