Qantas completes test of longest non-stop passenger flight

No other airline has ever achieved the feat which Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has called the

Qantas reveals the tricks used by passengers to beat jet lag

Some preliminary findings were today released ahead of Qantas' first Project Sunrise research flight, which will fly non-stop from NY to Sydney in a first for any commercial airline.

The longest commercial air route in the world is now a connection between NY and Singapore launched in 2018 by Singapore Airlines, which lasts 18H30 according to the site of the company.

All carbon emissions will be offset with other measures to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, Qantas said. With a 15-hour time difference between NY and Sydney, the impact of jet lag will be closely watched.

With outdoor areas in both the lounge and terminal exposing travellers to natural light, researchers have also developed a Wellbeing Studio which encourages passengers to stretch. In order for Qantas to move ahead, the airline will have to have approval from governmental agencies, and there will have to be sufficient passenger interest in such long non-stop flights.

We're embarking on three analysis flights to assist plan how we look after passengers & crew on future long-haul flights.

The Guardian quoted Qantas captain Sean Golding as saying that the flight was "very successful" from the components of research and distance.

Joyce explained in a statement that night flights usually start with dinner, but for the research flight they started with lunch and kept the lights on for the first six hours, which matched the time of day at the destination.

The flight's four pilots will also take part in studies, working with CRC for Alertness, Safety and Productivity researchers to record their melatonin levels before, during and after the flights, as well as their brain wave patterns and alertness - again, to help ascertain the best work and rest routine when they're commanding those long-haul services.

"Here's the most well-known of three take a look at flights that goes to return up with suggestions about how we prepare pilot fatigue (and) how we in fact prepare passenger jetlag", he informed journalists after arriving in Sydney.

Joyce said Qantas's regular, direct NY to Sydney flight, with a stopover in Los Angeles, had left three hours before the non-stop flight on Friday but had arrived only a few minutes ahead of them.

The historic flight will land in Sydney to calm and fine conditions, around 19C and sunny on Sunday morning.

"We know ultra long-haul flights pose some extra challenges but that's been true every time technology has allowed us to fly farther".

A final approval for this project is subject to aircraft economics, regulatory approvals and industrial agreements, for which certainty is expected by December this year.

The experimental flights come as Qantas is poised to make a decision on whether to proceed with Project Sunrise, which would see it fly non-stop from eastern Australia to NY and London.

Now the only direct route from Australia to Europe goes from Perth to London, a 9,000-mile journey which started in March 2018.

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