Wizards sign guard Bradley Beal to 2-year, $72 million extension

Bradley Beal Wizards

EditorialsWizards net major W hand massive L to aspiring teams with Bradley Beal extension

No, Thursday was a good day - a really good one - for the Washington Wizards.

But his profession of loyalty to the franchise is now supported, with Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reporting that Beal and the Wizards have agreed a $ 72 million contract extension for two years. If he signs elsewhere that offseason, his maximum contract would be $198 million over four years.

"Brad has always made it clear to me, that in a flawless world, he would never leave Washington", Beal's agent told ESPN.

"He's thrilled about all the resources that (owner) Ted (Leonsis) is pouring into the franchise and thrilled how committed (Leonsis) and (general manager) Tommy (Sheppard) are to building something special".

The 10-year milestone is significant: By having that many years of service, Beal would be eligible to sign a new deal worth in excess of $250 million over the next five seasons. Beal gets the financial security now with the potential to secure another massive deal when he's still in the prime of his career, so the extension makes sense for both him and the Wizards. He can't be traded until after the 2019-20 season and his salary would immediately increase by 15% if he's moved while playing under the deal, according to ESPN's Bobby Marks.

The Wizards can not trade Bradley Beal until six months after the extension is signed.

Now that the Washington Wizards want to look far again to be good again, Bradley Beal has prominently surfaced in trade rumors. "It would be great to play in one place forever", Beal told the Washington Post this summer. Beal was drafted with No. 3 pick out of Florida in 2012.

They have three years, more realistically two, before Beal could start to grow restless if things haven't changed.

But it seems familiarity - and a whole lot of money - convinced Beal to remain in D.C.

He's an elite scorer, 12th in the league last season at a career-best 25.6 points per game.

"This is where I've been for the last seven years, going on eight", he said.

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