Podcast: Yo, It's the Pixel 4 Party!

Google Officially Announces the Pixel 4 & 4XL With Fastest Face Unlock in the Industry

The biggest surprise of Google's Pixel event is a transcription app. Here's how it works

With a Pixel 4 in tow, we took the phone out for a spin and captured a few photos with its new dual cameras. We're talking about Face Unlock.

At the NY event, Google spoke about the second generation of Google Assistant, promising greater speed and more functionality than before.

The first one is Face Unlock.

In similar news, LastPass has recently stated they will be bringing Face Unlock support to its app as a "password-less" solution. This produces that the Pixel 4 stand out rather than seem frequently boring like the prior Pixel phones. We know all of that. The company initially showcased the feature as a key feature of Android 10 earlier this year.

To unlock a Pixel, the operator must hold it up to their face while onboard cameras and sensors go to work scanning their mug for defining characteristics - the distance between your eyes, for example. Much like the iPhone's Face ID, this allows you to...um, unlock the phone with your face.

If you're willing to overlook the many flaws and compromises of Google's newest stock Android-powered flagship handsets but are unsure where to buy the Pixel 4 or 4 XL from, the search giant's official e-store might be the best option after all.

As reported by the BBC, both Samsung and Google are facing issues across their smartphones due to software bugs, alongside well-reported issues from Apple's rollout of iOS 13. That's attention detection, or Require Attention, as Apple calls it.

Need a new phone?

But, of course, that security really goes out the window if someone can simply unlock your phone and potentially access sensitive apps within your phone when you're sleeping. Then, you can share a picture by saying "send it to Mom". Xfinity Mobile and Spectrum Mobile - the wireless services for the nation's biggest cable providers - are selling the Pixel 4.

The company announced the Pixel 4, which features a 5.7-inch display, and the larger 6.3-inch Pixel 4 XL, at the event in NY. In addition, Google also added automatic colour management to this year's larger Pixel phone. Keep your phone in a safe place, like your front pocket or handbag.

If you're anxious about it, you can always turn on "lockdown", which disables features like notifications, and any of the phone's authentication methods.

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