Hong Kong legislature suspended amid chaos over protests

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. speaks at a news conference to unveil the College Affordability Act on Capitol Hill in Washington Tuesday Oct

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. speaks at a news conference to unveil the College Affordability Act on Capitol Hill in Washington Tuesday Oct

Sham was attacked in the gritty Mong Kok district by five men with knives and hammers.

Tanya Chan, convenor of the pro-democracy camp in the Legislative Council (LegCo) said she was very angry at the attack on Sham, especially after nobody had been arrested for an earlier attack on him in August.

It is the second time Mr Sham has been attacked since the protests began.

"It's not going to benefit the Hong Kong and Beijing governments, let alone the pro-democracy faction, if they prevent people from standing as candidates", Lee said.

It suggested the assault was politically motivated, linked "to a spreading political terror in order to threaten and inhibit the legitimate exercise of natural and legal rights".

Sham will not be able to join Sunday's march as he will remain in the hospital for some time in view of his injuries, said CHRF member Eric Lai Yan-ho, who has spoken to the protest leader. Sham was not injured in that attack.

Sham spent the night in a hospital and his wounds to the head and arm were not considered life threatening, according to the station.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam will unveil a closely watched State of the Union-style speech Wednesday aimed at winning hearts and minds after four months of seething pro-democracy protests.

After a first interruption, the session resumed only to be interrupted again.

Lam eventually delivered her address by video an hour later, but the hostile reception was seen as a slap down for the nation's leader.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam speaks during a press conference at the Legislative Council in Hong Kong Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019. Both Lam and Beijing have repeatedly dismissed those demands and say Hong Kong's freedoms are being protected.

Protesters also used a projector to light up her face and the wall directly behind her, stating their key demands.

A statement from China's NPC Foreign Affairs Committee said: "We strongly urge the US Congress and some American politicians to halt further deliberation of the bill, and do more to benefit the long-term development and fundamental interests of China and the US". "We hope Carrie Lam withdraws and quits", an emotional Chan told reporters. "She has no governance ability. she is not suitable to be chief executive".

But pro-democracy lawmakers, a minority of the pro-Beijing stacked legislature, shouted her down.

She announced several housing and infrastructure policies, saying housing was the most urgent issue the city faces. The bill was suspended in July - but the move failed to quell protests in the city.

Many in Hong Kong fear that Beijing's growing influence is gradually eroding the territory's freedoms.

Joshua Wong and fellow activist Denise Ho have pushed for the bill's passage, saying it will protect democracy in Hong Kong, and more than 100,000 protesters joined a rally on Monday night in which they sang the US national anthem, waved American flags, and urged Congress to approve the act.

Of the protesters' demands, that leaves only universal suffrage-or at least some plan for demonstrable progress toward that end-to consider, but the central government has made it clear this is also off the table.

Enormous protests have crippled the city every weekend since June.

Noting that the Hong Kong people often go about their businesses peacefully, Bala said he was shocked to know that the "beautiful place" where he enjoyed working and lived happily was plunged into an "unfortunate situation" shortly after he ended his duty.

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