Trump administration intensifies Syria damage-control efforts

Hungary conditionally supports Turkey’s Syria operation

Donald Trump says Kurds 'didn't help us with Normandy' – video

Russian Federation said on Wednesday that Syrian and Turkish military forces should work out how to cooperate in northern Syria based on the Adana accord, a 1998 security pact, the state-run RIA news agency reported.

The US has repeatedly denied this, and on Monday Washington announced sanctions on Turkish ministries and senior government officials.

Mr Erdogan told reporters he had "no problem" with visiting Russian Federation. They make a lot of money shipping steel.

"I view the situation on the Turkish border with Syria to be, for the United States, strategically brilliant", Trump said, alongside visiting Italian President Sergio Mattarelli.

Lindsey Graham tweeted about, regarding Erdogan's pledge to stay away from Kurdish territory in Syria.

Syrian forces have returned to the region for the first time in years, raising their flag in Manbij as part of a deal with the Kurds.

"Our proposal is for the terrorists to lay down their arms, leave their equipment, destroy the traps they have created and leave the safe zone we as designated, as of tonight", Erdogan said.

"There are some mistakes that are not easy to reverse".

President Donald Trump says he is fully prepared to destroy Turkey's economy if its leaders continue what he calls "this unsafe and destructive path" in Syria.

By the end of trade on Tuesday, the Turkish Lira surged by 1% against the dollar, as markets brushed off United States sanctions that were much below market expectations.

The president authorized a drawdown of troops in northeastern Syria last week, a decision which has been met with loud criticism from Democrats and Republicans in Congress, who have introduced bipartisan measures to place sanctions on Turkey.

The Trump administration has denounced the offensive for days, since Turkey launched Operation Peace Spring a week ago.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Wednesday that the camps were not "currently" under threat from the operation, but Europe has taken an increasingly tough line with Turkey. The Kurds are very well-protected. They're more outraged over the last 72 hours over our Syria policy than they were at any point over the last seven years of slaughter.

In the meantime, he said, "Our soldiers are not in harm's way, as they shouldn't be".

Adding to the visitors Vice President Mike Pence is due in Ankara Thursday (October 16) as the Trump administration scrambles to contain the fall out.

He noted that Syria was getting "some help with Russian Federation and that's fine". "I want to get out of the Middle East". "It's not our border".

US President Donald Trump called for an immediate halt to Turkey's incursion to Syria on Tuesday, as Washington slapped sanctions on Turkish officials.

Pence is joined in his Turkey visit by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and national security adviser Robert O'Brien, aiming to negotiate a stop to the fighting in Syria's northeast.

Trump said the USA shouldn't be involved in "endless wars" in the Middle East and "it's time for us to come home". "We said that we had only done an encircling operation there at the moment".

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Trump said the U.S. is sending missiles and "great power" to the Saudis, and "they're paying for that".

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