Race, awareness sessions held to mark World Mental Health Day

Plan Dr Michael McBride

Plan Dr Michael McBride

The study, conducted by Mind Share Partners - a non-profit organization focused on building awareness, support and acceptance in the workplace for people with mental health conditions - alongside SAP and Qualtrics, collected responses from 1,500 individuals via an online survey from March to April 2019.

This is especially true for first responders and healthcare workers, who tend to be "on call" during inconvenient hours.

Several sessions also followed the race inside the King Abdullah II Park to help spread awareness on the prevention of suicide, positive coping mechanisms for mental health challenges and services available for people in need of mental health support, the statement said. Two thirds (67 per cent) of employers say they would feel confident about approaching staff they feel might be at risk and offering support. The result of suicide impacts friends, family and colleagues. The charity is also looking to destigmatise mental health conditions, enabling conversations on the subject, and help players, pros, and creators to come together to support eachother. Not long ago, the European Commission subscribed to the slogan "no health without mental health", taking on several specific EU-level actions, including in the area of suicide prevention.

The Health Programme, which funds health cooperation among European Union countries and underpins and develops European Union health activities, may also provide opportunities.

The following tweets from mental health organizations and advocates provide resources, tips, and motivation for helping others who are struggling and preventing suicide.

The MEP Alliance for Mental Health - launched in 2009 as the Interest Group on Mental Health, Wellbeing and Brain Disorders - can play an important role in driving change by facilitating dialogue between stakeholders and policymakers. "They don't know that mental illness is a disease which can have biological and genetic origins", said Dr He Yanling from the Shanghai Mental Health Center and a leading researcher on the survey.

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